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Gaming Tips 1 Direction Heardle

The article is about the 1 Direction Heardle game. Refer to the article for more detailed information before playing the game.

Are you aware of the One Direction game? If so, read the article to learn more about the game and its way of teasing your brain for an answer. In recent times the game is most trending on the internet. This game has huge fans around the Worldwide. The game gives great joy to music lovers based on guessing the right song.

The game is similar to various Heardle games like Dordle, Taylordle, and BTS Heardle. The game is a clone of Wordle with songs from a famous band and Heardle known as 1 Direction Heardle.

What is One Direction Heardle?

One Direction is a famous music-playing band, and the game is designed based on their songs. The game is web based and went viral on Twitter.

The game is the 1Direction version developed by the same software company that designed Harry Styles at the players’ request. In this game, the music is played by only One Direction music band. Let us peek into the rules and learn how to play this trending game.

Steps to play the One Direction Hurdle Game

Like the Wordle, Heardle is a good brain-teasing game. Playing the game is quite easy and tricky. Let us go into details of the game, where we can find the game, and how to play it.

  • Firstly, visit the One Direction Heardle game page.
  • Listen to a song played just for one second.
  • Guess and search your answer in the search box related to the artist or song.
  • Select the guess from the list which has more similar type answers.
  • Click on submit button.
  • The songs are just from One Direction Discography.

Here are a few more rules about the 1 Direction Heardle.

To get a clear idea of the game, should follow some rules.The game rules are similar to Wordle. Only the difference is in the music version.

  • You can have only six chances to answer.
  • Only one 1Direction song is available for a day, and it is disclosed every midnight.
  • If you are unaware of the song, you can skip the song and move on to the next.
  • Each skipped, and incorrect reveals more about the intro.
  • Wrong guesses are indicated by a cross sign next to it.
  • It is better to guess in a few trails.

More details about 1 Direction Heardle

The songs in the game are sourced from Sound Cloud. To play this, you need not install any app, and it is easily played by just clicking on the link. The game is viral on Twitter.

You can share the game’s result, which is represented with emoji. Click on the share button then the answer is copied to the clipboard. The game is more trending since 13 April 2022. The website crashed due to traffic, but it is working like a charm now.

Note: All information obtainable in the article is from the web.


Playing the 1 Direction Heardle game is a good coffee companion. The game is dedicated to the One Direction group and its fans to enjoy their favourite songs. Click here to know more about One Direction Heardle

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