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This write-up on 17819 E Easter Avenue and the American family drama ‘This is us’ will clear your doubt about the name confusion and tell you the difference.

What is 17819 E Easter Avenue? We all have heard about it. A huge property is located in the United States. The main level of the new home, which was completed in 2018, features three bedrooms and four bathrooms. Floor-to-ceiling micro folding doors open to a patio with a wall water fountain and the best outdoor living. This post will talk about 17819 E Easter Avenue. Kindly read this post to know more about this property’s features and luxury facilities.

Why is everyone talking about 17819 E Easter Avenue?

 17819 E Easter Avenue is a distinctive, unique property on 4.32 acres having two different ranch houses joined on the first floor by an inside hallway. If you’re looking for privacy and security, look no further. The gated entry welcomes you into this custom home, surrounded by well-landscaped grounds with trees. It is a beautiful and well-furnished house with all the luxury and facilities. It has all the advanced features which can make our life easy and relaxing. 

This Is Us Easter Eggs

‘This is us’ does not have any hidden meaning. Most of the easter eggs in seasons one and two were about what would lead Jack to die too soon. This is a show at its best when it comes to the smallest detail that would otherwise go unnoticed unless you were paying attention eagle-eyed.

 There is a good amount of intelligence IQ and EQ that has gone into writing this show. It does take a lot of subjects into its narrative. Well written, the exceptional portrayal of each character by all the actors. Incredible from the beginning.

Are 17819 E Easter Avenue and Easter eggs connected? 

We believe that people are becoming confused about these two names because they both contain Easter words; however, we would like to inform our readers that there is a major misunderstanding if you try to connect them. ‘This is us’ is related to a popular American family drama television series, and an easter egg is used here for a hidden surprise.

And, Easter Avenue is related to a property; they both are completely different. One is related to location, and the other is about the surprise of family drama to create suspension and excitement in viewers. 17819 E Easter Avenue is a dreamy house with good surroundings. If you thought it was connected to the easter egg, hopefully, you must have understood the difference.


Summing up this post, we have tried to clear our readers’ doubts about the Easter word, one which is related to the location of a property and the other is about the American tv series. Please don’t get confused in these two Easters, and to learn about the latest update of the most popular series ‘This is us’ click on the link to check.

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