5 Gift Ideas For a Friend That Has It All

Top 5 Gift Ideas For a Friend That Has It All

Understandably, purchasing a gift for your friend can be a pretty tough job. Not only would you want to give something meaningful that shows that you know them, but also something that may be useful to them. Personalized gifts are also increasing in trend, and statistics show the market size to increase to 34.3 billion U.S dollars by 2026

The world has revolutionized in multiple ways, and you would be happy to know that many gifts can now be purchased using cryptocurrency. So, why not go off track and try something new this time? Rather than buying typical gifts from local gift shops, have a change of pace and surprise your friend with an amazing and unique gift. 

That said, let’s move forward and look at the top 5 gifts you can give your friend. 

Top 5 Gifts You Can Give To a Friend Who Has It All

Below are the top-notch gift ideas that will most likely make your friend happy on their birthday or any other special event. You may be able to purchase most of these using your crypto wallet. 

1: Gift Cards

Gift cards are the most simple and obvious yet the most helpful thing you can give to anyone. They serve as one-stop-shop solutions for all sorts of gift queries. 

The brands that don’t accept crypto as a direct payment method offer gift cards. These gift cards can be purchased from different eCommerce sites or vendors and can be redeemed at the respective stores or online to make your purchase. 

With websites like Coingate, purchasing a gift card with cryptocurrency has become hassle-free as you can search for a gift card from any famous brand and purchase it directly from the site​​. 

2: Vacation

Who doesn’t love traveling? That’s right, everyone does! But if your friend doesn’t have enough to go on his dream vacation, you should help them out. So, on your friend’s special occasion, booking him an entire vacation would be a great idea. What’s even better is the option of booking holidays using your crypto wallet now. 

Several travel platforms like Virgin, Expedia, and AirBaltic have started booking flights in exchange for crypto. Not just flights but hotels can also be booked with crypto. So, make your friend’s dream vacation come true. 

3: Games 

If your friend is a gaming enthusiast, perhaps, giving him a game would be a wise choice. Previously, games were usually purchased by either visiting the game stores in person or ordering them online via payment by traditional fiat currencies. However, now things have changed a bit, and you can purchase games using crypto as well. 

Whether it’s Xbox games, PlayStation games, Steam games, or Nintendo games, you can purchase their respective gift cards using crypto and then give those gift cards to your friend. This will give him the freedom to buy any game of his choice, and at any time he wants. 

4: An Electronic Gadget

In this digital and technological era, electronic gadgets have become a need of the day. No matter how many electronic gadgets you own, they always feel like you need more. A smartphone to carry everywhere, a tablet for some less intensive work, and a laptop for office use or more intensive tasks. 

That said, giving your friend an electronic gadget would be a great decision. However, don’t opt for a typical gadget of your choice. Instead, purchase an eBay gift card and give it to your friend. It will give your friend several options, and he can choose according to his preference and needs. 

5: Food And Drinks

No matter how much your friend has, he will surely enjoy a good meal. Typically, food and drinks are bought using fiat currency, but times have changed now. At most restaurants, you might not be able to pay for food directly using your crypto wallet, but some restaurants like Starbucks do allow that too. 

If your friend chooses a restaurant that accepts direct crypto payments, that’s great. However, if your friend happens to like a restaurant that doesn’t accept crypto as a direct payment method, you would be glad to know that you can buy gift cards for several restaurants now. 

With those gift cards, either you can go on a meal together, or you can just give it to a friend and let him decide when he wants to redeem them. 

Summing Up

Whether it’s a special occasion or not, a gift is meant to be meaningful and should make the other person happy. With cryptocurrency starting to make its mark in the world, you can certainly use it to purchase a gift for your friend. And if your friend seems to have it all, giving him a gift card may be the best decision. 

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