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Read findings of A Level Aqa Chemistry Paper Leaked to know the timeline of the incident and about the feature action by AQA.

The General Certificate of Secondary Education(GCSE) examination is going on in the United Kingdom. On 20th June 2022, many aspirants appeared for examination. They found that the questions in the exam were exactly the same that was circulated on social media, specifically on Snap Chat and Twitter! 

Did you know that A Level Aqa Chemistry Paper Leaked is anticipated to be out two weeks before the exam? Let’s find out.

About the incident:

Assessment and Qualifications Alliance(AQA) is presently conducting a GCSE examination related to secondary education in the UK. It was revealed that A-Level Chemistry paper-2 was leaked on Snap Chat and Twitter and was offered for sale. It is anticipated that several students had bought the paper.

The Announcement by AQA:

AQA spokesperson expressed their disappointment about the incident. But, AQA will ensure that no one gets an undue advantage. AQA will monitor any student with suspicious performance. The exam integrity team is investigating the incident. AQA will take necessary action, including working with the police on the A Level Aqa Chemistry Paper Leaked.

AQA spokesperson said that any student traced for purchasing A-Level Chemistry Paper-2 via Snap Chat or Twitter, irrespective of whether the paper is fake, will be investigated.

Series Following the Incident:

AQA responded on Twitter that they are investigating each case and will be reporting the fraud to the police. Initial images showed pictures taken with the camera of more than 15 exam pages. The images from Snap Chat featured a message to make payment ready if any student wants to purchase the exam papers. 

Timeline of the A Level Aqa Chemistry Paper Leaked:

Students were disappointed when they found that the questions in A-Level Chemistry Paper-2 exactly matched the papers leaked on Snap Chat and Twitter. Many students took to Twitter to show their frustration to criticize the incident. 

Several students informed that such images were in circulation for approximately two weeks. There are many blogs on several websites with students discussing the issue. One of the posts said they saw the leaked paper on 13th June 2022, took screenshots of the papers and the conversation, and reported it to AQA.

Several students recognized the questions in the exam from A Level Aqa Chemistry Paper Leaked as they saw such images on social media early morning on Monday. Such students also said they had reported the information about leaked papers to the exam board even before the exam started. 


Due to many students reporting about the leaked paper, the news seems true. However, AQA is still in the process of investigation. Hence, an official confirmation is awaited. The student discussed on several websites questions about why AQA did not take any action when information about leaked papers was reported on 13th June and on 20th June before the exam?

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