Accident Invercargill {April 2022} Many Lost Their Lives

Latest News Accident Invercargill

Accident Invercargill has the updated report on the fatal accident that took place yesterday evening on Queen’s drive in Invercargill.

If you are from New Zealand and are searching for a recent update on the Invercargill crash, this post may have all the essential details? The weekend started with bad news for locals as several people lost their lives in an accident before 4 pm on Friday.

The exact number of casualties is unknown as the local police have cordoned the area and started their investigation. According to some reports, two vehicles collided on Queens’s drive resulting in casualties. To get more information on Accident Invercargill, read this post till the end.

Casualty in Invercargill Crash:

Initially, it was reported that multiple people died in the accident at Queen’s drive on Friday. Some recent reports suggest that four teenagers have lost their lives in the Friday accident, and three of them are from the Bluff area.

Raymond Fife, chairman Bluff community board, stated that three teenagers from Bluff had lost their lives as per initial reports. He expects locals to support the grieving family as Bluff is a small area, and people are acquainted with each other. Mike Brown, South Area commander, briefed the media on this incident and termed it a horrific accident.

Accident Queens Drive Invercargill:

Police Inspector Stuart Harvey is looking after this case, and according to some eyewitnesses, a concrete truck collided with the four-wheel drive. The accident occurred at the entrance of Queens’s drive, where the speed limit is restricted to 50 KmH.

Four people lost their lives till the last report came in, and some of them suffered minor injuries. Emergency services have reached the accident site, and casualties were taken in by two ambulances.

The firefighting team has also reached the accident site and is doing its duty. The serious crash unit has also arrived and is trying to find the cause behind the Accident Queens Drive Invercargill.

What is a Police Advisory for Invercargill Citizens?

Invercargill police are closely assessing the situation and have released a quick advisory for local citizens.

  • The area between St Andrew and St King on Queens Drive will remain closed overnight.
  • As a long weekend is ahead, police have advised people to be more careful on the road.
  • They have advised people to monitor their speed in different speed zones to avoid incidents like Invercargill. 
  • They are also looking for more eyewitnesses to get a different perspective on the accident.
  •  People having any information on the accident can contact the police on 105, referring to complaint number P050332364.

Recent Crashes like Accident Invercargill:

This accident has shocked many locals as people aged 16 and 17 have lost their lives. One incident occurred in Levin yesterday morning, and the crash took place on road number SH57 before 6.30 am.

One person lost their life in the Levin accident, while two others were injured. It’s essential to take note of police advisory and avoid these accidents.

Final verdict:

People interested in informing police can also use the Crime Stoppers service by calling 0800 555 111 and keep their identity hidden. The recent incident on Queens’s drive Accident Invercargill occurred due to negligence of not driving within the given speed limit.

Note – All the details are based on internet’s research.

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