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Accident Lawyer San Francisco Dolan will provide information on the area’s unexceptional and best law firm. Read more in the post below.

Are you staying in San Francisco and California region? Are your loved ones injured in an accident? Being a resident of this area, do you know about the Dolan law firm? Have you heard about Chris Dolan? Does the law firm deal with accidents?

People across the United Statesare amazed by this firm’s work and want to know more about it. So, let us discuss and learn about it in the Accident Lawyer San Francisco Dolan post.

What is the current news?

Accidents can happen anywhere, anytime without your intention. But what if it is not your fault at all and you got heavy injuries or damage? If you are a resident of San Francisco, you can take help from one of the popular law companies whose lawyers specialise in personal injury and accidents law.

The Dolan Law company is famous and in the trending news because of their work. One of the famous works includes the landmark judgment of two employees facing racial and ethnic discrimination who received a $61 million verdict. Accident Lawyer San Francisco Dolan also obtained a $20 million court’s decision for unfair dismissal of one victim.

Who is the Dolan Law firm?

Based on the office in Oakland, California, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, the Dolan law firm provides exceptional client support. Whether the injury was caused due to partial ignorance or someone else’s negligence, they deal with all clients.

All the lawyers follow Chris Dolan’s path, the founder of the company. Under his leadership, there are extraordinary results with the record verdicts. He personally investigates all the cases and results in outstanding success with the team effort.

What kinds of cases does Accident Lawyer San Francisco Dolan handle?

  • The law firm takes the cases of clients like:
  • One is undergoing personal injuries from car, bicycle, motorbike, etc.
  • Negligence of nursing home and elder abuse,
  • Injuries from the poorly maintained public and personal properties
  • Any kind of discrimination at the workplace,
  • Injuries from the defective and dangerous products
  • Civil rights violations,
  • Victims of misconduct.

How does the accident law work?

The law in California allows the victim to file a lawsuit against the responsible individual. If you have proper proof of the injury, damage, copies of medical expenses, the experienced lawyer will help you. According to San Francisco Weekly,Accident Lawyer San Francisco Dolan is rated as the best lawyer. 

Before proceeding, make a note to obtain a copy of the accident report from the relevant law enforcement agency, even if it is not in your favour. So, even if you are partially involved in the accident, under the law, you get compensation if another person was negligent or involved more.


Since 1995 Dolan Law company helped a majority of people in need and fought for their justice. The company deal with minor to complex and severe cases of injuries. They say no car accident cases are difficult for Accident Lawyer San Francisco Dolan. You can visit the Dolan law firm by clicking here.

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