Anime Roulette Roblox Codes: Check Discord Link Available to Play & Dragon Ball

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Anime Roulette Roblox Codes are here. Read this write-up and get to know the active codes.

Roblox is a popular gaming platform. On this platform, anyone can find a lot of different games. One such game is (PITY) Anime Roulette. The recent codes of this game are a trending topic. People from worldwide are searching, so let us have a look. 

Anime Roulette Discord & Codes

An Anime Roulette game is trending currently. People want to know about its working codes for March. Players are also searching for the codes on their discord channel.

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However, the codes are available all over the internet. Here are the working codes for Anime Roulette:

  • Use the code ‘Release’ and get rewards.
  • Use the code ‘Showtime’ to get rewards.
  • Use the code ‘SEVENTHOUSANDLIKES’ and get 500 cash (this is a new code).
  • Use the code ‘BUGFIXZ’ to get rewards. 
  • Use the code ‘ONEMILLIONVISITS’ and get 500 cash (this is a new code).
  • Use the code ‘THOUSANDLIKES’ and get rewards.

The codes mentioned above are currently active. However, we will also provide a list of not working codes here:


The game also has an official Discord channel; anyone can join it. The discord channel has more than fifty-two thousand members. They will ask a question at the beginning of joining the discord channel.

Details About Anime Roulette Wiki

The game needs an official page on the Wikipedia. However, a lot of other wiki pages have details about the game. On the page, they have Discord links and the game’s title names. 

Details About Anime Roulette Wiki
Details About Anime Roulette Wiki

The game is present on the Roblox. There are no age guidelines for the game, which means anyone can play it without any restrictions. 

This game is an adventure game for anime lovers. The player has to collect rare titles while playing the game. By collecting these titles, one can become a top player. 

They claim to be the best ‘Anime RNG game.’ ‘The Saga 1: The Beginning’ has been launched recently. The game has been released on 17th February 2024. The game was updated on 27th March 2024.

Anime Roulette Dragon Ball

In the game, players get the titles inspired from the anime shows. Thus, the dragon ball title is also collectible in the game. The player can collect their favorite anime show’s titles. 

The game has been trending on the internet recently because it was updated on 27th March 2024. Thus, every player wants to know what changes the developers have made in the game. 

This game has been developed by ‘TheeFinestOne.’ They have posted on their Roblox page about the update coming on Thursday, 27th March 2024. A lot of people in the community created this game.

On the main page of the game, they have invited the player to join their community. The discord links are readily available. 

As per the developers, by joining the community, you will get updates. As well as early sneak peeks of any scheduled updates in the game. Thus, they are encouraging all the players to join the community.

Why is Anime Roulette Codes Trending?

On Thursday, 27th March 2024, an update was made to the game. Two new codes have been added to the list of working and active codes. 

The game’s developer’s community has also posted a shout for the update. It is on their official Roblox page. The recently added active codes are:

  • Use the code ‘SEVENTHOUSANDLIKES’ and get 500 cash.
  • Use the code ‘ONEMILLIONVISITS’ and get 500 cash.

The Anime Roulette has more than 2.5 million visits. And they have 11826 active players currently. 

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