Are There Wheels In Door Hinges (March) Twitter Debate!

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The guide shares details about the new trending question on Twitter, Are There Wheels In Door Hinges.

If you are a Twitter user, you definitely might have come across the popular Tweet that is trending. A New Zealand user posted a Tweet last week asking the users to share their thought on a topic, “How Many Doors Are There in the World?”

Soon after posting the Tweet, it started trending. It created a buzz because many users in the United States, Ireland, Canada, New ZealandAustralia, and the United Kingdom started debating to answer his tweet.    

Following the Tweet, users started breaking down items that included wheels and doors. It leads to a conversation to know Are There Wheels In Door Hinges.

The Twitter Debate Ignited The Hinge Theory

If you were active on Twitter last week, you probably know about the wheel and door debate trending on the platform after a Tweet from a New Zealand user. The Tweet kicked off last week as a couple of polls asking the users their answer to the question, how many doors are there in the world. 

On 4th March 2022, the Tweet received the top answers that confirm there are more doors than wheels. However, Saturday’s poll changed as people said there were more wheels. As the debate continues to trend on the platform, many new conversations pop up around doors and wheels. 

Is A Hinge A Wheel – The Trending Question For Now!

After evaluating, we found that the debate took another route where people were seen asking irrelevant questions like a hinge can be considered a wheel. A hinge is the part of a door that supports moving smoothly. However, it is not a wheel and can’t be categorized as a wheel. 

So, the answer to the question is a “NO.” But many Twitter users have voted for the questions and accepted that hinge is a wheel. The question popped up because of the trending debate where people want to know Are There Wheels In Door Hinges.

What Do Twitter Users Think?

The hinge may not appear to have the appearance of a wheel, but some users have suggested that the hinge’s mechanism resembles a wheel. Users said the hinge is connected by a strong iron pin, allowing the door to pivot open and close. A User compared the iron pin to a wheel. 

Other users have commented that the hinge can’t be a wheel because of how it functions. After many debates on Is A Hinge A Wheel, a user tried to resolve the question by answering the post. According to the user, all doors come with at least one hinge with an elongated wheel.

So, it is rare to find doors without wheels, so wheels win. You may check the Tweet online to have a better understanding. 


The Twitter post is trending and attracting many users worldwide. However, different people are sharing different opinions, and hence it won’t be possible to give a final answer to the question, Are There Wheels In Door Hinges.

You may read the threads and share your experiences to help others find the relevant answer. 

What is your opinion on the trending Twitter post? Please, share it in the comment section.

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