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The two IT graduates starring Ashwini Koshta and Aneesh Awadhiya has been the talk of the town following the Porsche crash in Pune. The two graduates passed away after being hit by a Porsche car from behind while they were in a bike. The news did generate wide spread attention in the United States.

The incident took place on Saturday morning at around 3 A.M. The Prosche car was being driven in some speed by the teen driver who was found drunk. An accident occur when the Porsche car hit the bike. 

The two victims Ashwini Koshta LinkedIn and Aneesh Awadhiya who were in the bike were dead following the accident. The victims were identified to be Ashwini and Aneesh. They were known to be IT Graduates.

Aneesh was working in Pune. The family members of Ashwini Koshta Accident were devastated after learning about the accident. At the same time, it was known that the teen driver was the son of prominent Pune realtor. 

The family members of Aneesh demands for strict punishment against the teen drunken driver. They said that he should not be grated the bail following this accident.

It was reported that both the IT graduates Aneesh and Ashwini were coming back after attending a get together late on Saturday. 

It was at that time around 2:15 A.M when their bike was hot by the Porsche car. The two victims of the accident were spot dead following the accident. the news about the Pune Porsche crash trends on internet.

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Ashwini Koshta Accident:

Ashwini Koshta Accident

The Porsche crash at Pune has been the most discussed topic on online platforms. Aneesh and Ashwini who were IT graduates were spot dead after meeting with the Porsche accident on Saturday night. 

The two victims inlcuding Ashwini Koshta LinkedIn were in the bike when the Porsche car hit them and the victims passed away. the incident has been trending with the title “Porsche Car Crash.”

The incident took place at around 2:15 A.M. The family members of the victims were devastated following the accident. A video was made viral where the relative were seen hugging and crying with each other. The family members of Aneesh asks for strict punishment against the teen and he should not be granted bail.

Although after the incident, the teen whose age is 17 years 8 months was given bail by the Pune court. In compensation to the Ashwini Koshta LinkedIn accident, the teen was asked to write a 300 word essay relating to the accident and work with the traffic police for the next 15 days. He was also asked to go through counselling for giving up on his drinking habit.     

The punishment which was given to the teen did spark outrage among the victim’s family members. The family members have now applied to the session court and the father of the teen was arrested. 

The parents claim that it is not an accident its murder. The news about the Porsche car crash has become viral on online platforms.

Ashwini Koshta Instagram:

Ashwini Koshta Instagram

Ashwini Koshta belong to Jabalpur. The next night the dead body of Ashwini reached her house. The family members of Ashwini were furious by such swift bail granted to the teen drunken driver. Ashwini’s parents state that they will fight for justice till the end.

It only took 15 hours to get bail for the teen driver. The family members of Ashwini Koshta Instagram claim that their parents needs to investigated. They demand that the bail needs to be cancelled.

The Ashwini Koshta LinkedIn has become viral on online platforms. To learn more information about Pune Porsche Car crash, click on this link.

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