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The below article aimed to guide the readers on the Buba Girl Trending Video Download conspiracy. We also talked about the culprit and how it all happened.

Was the Buba Girl in the wrong? People are pointing fingers at the Buba Girl because of her trending video, but was it her fault? Netizens from Worldwide are talking about another leaked videotape where they are blaming the victim for the tape. 

Her video has become a part of a massive discussion on social media, and people are interested in knowing more about it. In this write-up, we will discuss the viral topic of Buba Girl Trending Video Download and the mixed opinions of people.

Disclaimer- With this article, we do not hold any sides of the individuals or promote explicit content. The report is explained to make people aware of the ongoing viral controversy.

What is Buba Girl Video?

A TikTok star, Esther Raphael, also widely recognized by her internet name, ‘Buba Girl,’ was dragged into the spotlight when her explicit video went viral all over TokTok. TikTok users saw the video and took no time to guess the person in the video.

From the video, people claimed that it was a self-recorded video that Esther had recorded. In the video, she was engaged in a self-explicit act which got the people’s attention. Numerous amount of people asked for the link through which they can get the link.

How did other stars react to Buba Girl TikTok Cast Video?

Boma Tubonimi Arinyedokliari, a Nollywood actress, pointed her finger at the Buba Girl and said she should not have shared the video with his boyfriend. She also said she trusts any man, even her boyfriend, and should have been cautious. She said some men can go beyond anything to get famous and earn money.

As many people were blaming the Buba girl, many people defended her on social media platforms and took her side. They stated she trusted her boyfriend and did not deserve all the hate.

Is the Buba Girl TikTok Cast Video still live?

Buba Girl’s viral explicit video was deleted from the main page, but links to the video are still available on some apps like Telegram and Reddit. Most of the videos which were posted on TikTok were deleted. 

But there are still some reaction videos to that video posted online. People are spreading the video and its links with the title ‘One Girl Different Personalities.’ Apart from that, Twitter deleted all the explicit videos of Buba Girl and banned people who were involved in spreading the video on their platform.

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Who leaked the Buba Girl TikTok Video Original?

After the research and the account that posted the video, it was discovered that Buba girl’s boyfriend posted her video on TikTok. Esther said a group of guys was blackmailing her, and they were demanding something from her, but she refused to agree.

A year later, she sent a video to her boyfriend to view once and delete it, but he did not do the same thing. He might have shared the video with his friends, and his friends posted the video, or Her boyfriend himself posted the Buba Girl TikTok Cast Video because her boyfriend was the only one who received that video from her.

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People claimed that Buba Girl has sued her boyfriend for leaking her private video, but there is no confirmation from her side.

Do you think his boyfriend will get away from his own created mess? Let us know how you like the article in the comment below.

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