Cheer Choice Awards 2022 Winners {April} Discover List!

Latest News Cheer Choice Awards 2022 Winners

This article describes a trending prize provided to talented online creators to contribute to the community. Read more on Cheer Choice Awards 2022 Winners.

Are you eager to know about the winners of a recent prize given to online creators providing impactful content? Then let’s explore all the details of the trending event and the impressive creators who excelled in the event.

People from the United States and Canada are eager to find the content creators who won in different categories. The show also helped to provide exposure to talent online from various social media platforms. Keep reading more about the Cheer Choice Awards 2022 Winners.

About 2022 Cheer Choice Awards

Cheer Choice Awards, developed by Danielle Claudio, promote talented online creators by honoring various awards based on their skills and talent. The recent award ceremony was conducted at MGM Grand Casino Resort in Las Vegas on the 8th and 9th of April 2022.

In addition to the awards, the event also featured the performances of special guests. Tina Maddigan and Scott D. Henry hosted the 2022 Cheer Choice Awards. Apart from that, the winners’ names were announced by Jon Bailey. Beastmodeart got declared the winner of the ‘Art” category. 

What Are Cheer Choice Awards Winners?

The official winners of the latest Cheer Choice Award are mentioned below:

  • Comedy: justin_danger_nunley
  • Cosplay: blue_eyed_darkness
  • Cooking: chefadamlibby
  • Dance: tiktokmomma7
  • Health and Fitness: iamenoughmichael
  • Fashion and Beauty: justclassicallycassidy
  • Military and First Responders: officer_Scales
  • Home and Garden:  positively_Paige_
  • Motivational or Inspirational: shoelover99
  • Original Sound or Concept: jasonbankscomedy
  • Music / Musical Composition/ Vocal /Bands: jaxwritessongs
  • Pets and Animals: k9_mattis
  • Original Sound or Concept: jasonbankscomedy
  • Videography/Transitions /Cinematography: lady. Hopps
  • Travel and Tourism: vegasstarfish

More About Award Ceremony And Cheer Choice Awards 2022 Winners

  • Brent Morgan, songwriter and singer, performed at the 2022 Cheer Choice Awards.
  • The performance of Sarah Hester Rossgot featured at the event.
  • Vincent Oshana, Air Force veteran, comedian and actor, also appeared at the event.
  • In addition to that, Jack Brownwas also a part of the special guests at the 2022 Cheer Choice Awards.
  • The award night also featured talented entertainers such as Brooklyn Verard, Donald, Todd Royce, Rachel Pederson, Felicia Malyuk, JJ Cadwell, Biz Mike, Tom Coverly, OphelisNichols, Justin Nunley and Soldiers Solutions. 

Why is Cheer Choice Awards unique?

  • The initiative of supporting online talents. Let’s find the answer to the recent trending question “Who Won Cheer Choice Awards”?
  • Since the establishment of the Cheer Choice Awards by Danielle Claudio in December 2020, hundreds of online creators have gotten potential online exposure.
  • The award ceremony is organized in such a manner to encourage and support the upcoming talents to explore the online possibilities.
  • Apart from that, the award winners receive global recognition.


Awards like the Cheer Choice Awards encourage social media content creators to inspire others to create impactful and skillful works that help positively impact society. To know more on this topic, kindly check here. 

Who are your favourite Cheer Choice Awards 2022 Winners? Kindly comment below your valuable response.

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