CISM Certification: Requirements, Prerequisites, and Cost

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CISM Certification: The CISM, i.e., the Certified Information Security Manager certification, is one of the most distinguished qualifications for information security managers. It has amassed immense recognition worldwide, with numerous career-driven professionals undertaking the course.

What is CISM Certification? 

The Certified Information Systems Manager (CISM) is an Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA)-sponsored credential for professionals who actively manage an information security program.

The CISM exam is especially for current or prospective managers. The exam is becoming increasingly crucial as cybersecurity becomes a c-level and board issue at the corporate level. This certification primarily revolves around the notion that they must update the programs with the changing time and increased demand. Professionals need to stay relevant and have an in-depth understanding of cybersecurity. 

In addition to the many technical certificates, a management credential equips you with the exposure that a large company cybersecurity operation would necessitate.

The CISM certification process involves a set of 150 multiple-choice questions. A minimum score of 450 indicates that the candidate fulfils the ISACA Certification Committee’s minimum consistent standard of knowledge. The exam duration is four hours.

The certification primarily focuses on four domains– 

  • Information security governance: Candidates must know how to create, administer, and manage information security governance frameworks in this segment.
  • Information risk management and compliance: Candidates must also learn how to manage information risk to acceptable levels to meet the company’s organizational goals and objectives.
  • Information security program development and management: One must understand how to successfully build and maintain the information security program that identifies, handles, and protects the organization’s IT assets. The programs must also adhere to the organization’s information security strategy and business goals and support the organization’s security needs.
  • Information security incident management: A CISM specialist must plan, build, and manage their department’s capacity to identify, investigate, and respond to security risks.

CISM Certification Requirements: 

Five years of experience in information security, two years of experience as an information security manager, and passing the CISM examination are required for CISM certification. 

One can use the following security-related qualifications and management experience to substitute the requisite amount of information on professional experience in safety. 

One Year:

  • Information systems management experience
  • Continuity Professional (CBCP), ESL IT Security Manager)
  • Candidates can use CISA, CISSP certification, a post-graduate degree in information security, or a related sector to replace two years of general work experience.
  • Individuals must agree, comply and follow the ISACA Code of Professional Ethics and the CISM Continuing Education Policy.
  • Interested candidates can take the test before completing the required five years of work experience, but you will not be certified till they meet the required work experience.
  • Eligibility is determined when registering for the exam and is valid for twelve (12) months (365 days). Before you schedule and take an exam, you must first register and pay for it.

CISM Certification Cost: 

  • The cost of CISM certification varies based on whether or not you are an ISACA member and how you plan to register. However, they can significantly reduce the charges if one intends to join the ISACA certifications.
  • Interested individuals have to pay anywhere between $625 and 750 as the registration fee and a $50 certification application fee. 
  • Making changes to your registered exam will cost you $50, and requesting a refund will cost you $100.

The CISM Certification Application is the final step toward getting CISM certified. One must first fulfill the following requirements:

  • Within the last five years, you must have passed the CISM exam.
  • Have full-time work experience that is relevant to the CISM exam curriculum outline.
  • Complete and submit the CISM Certification Application and the application processing fee.


Employers worldwide value CISM certification’s expertise and capability; therefore, getting certified puts you in high demand. The CISM credential is a testimony of one’s broad understanding and thorough knowledge of various technical skills and a grasp of business objectives related to data security. Clearing the CISM exam test is a career-changing milestone that will enhance and solidify your professional position within the organization and open the door to better pay, more enormous incentives, better perks, and a deeper grasp of security systems administration.

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