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This article will help interested readers explore the mystery of Colestein Veglin 615 Years Old. Scroll down to explore more on it.

Do you know many people who live lives long life? Do you know any of them? Did you find it fascinating? If yes, then you must know who Saturnino De La is? Yes, you guessed it right he was a French man who lived for 112 years with additional 211 days and got himself registered as the world record holder.

Similarly, we will discover Worldwide famous personality Colestein Veglin 615 Years OldBut is he 615 years old? Let’s solve this mystery.

About Colestein Veglin. 

  • According to New York’s article on 20th July of 1876, Colestein Veglin is a mentally ill man.
  • He has 6 wives, and he got arrested in New Jersey. 
  • This mentally ill man claimed himself to be 615 years old. 
  • He used to live in William Street. 
  • His Wives are also alive, according to Colestein Veglin

Note- We wrote this article to clear all the mysteries related to Colestein veglin and his age.

What is Colestein Veglin Real Age? 

He claimed himself to be 615 years old. But it is hard to believe because we saw the oldest people be of 110 years or some around. 

According to scientists, we already have a man who has lived for 1000 years. So, we can say that he may truly live for 615 years. 

Now, let us focus on some biography of Colestein to know the facts of his life.


  • Name- Colestein Veglin. 
  • Country- New York. 
  • Wives- He has a total of 6 wives. 
  • Address- William Street. 
  • Where did he get arrested- New Jersey. 
  • Colestein Veglin age- 615 years. 
  • Colestein Veglin Date Of Birth- 1259 or 1261. 
  • Number of Children- He has 7 children. 

The Death of Colestein Veglin. 

The newspapers of New York has only explained the details of his shocking age and didn’t talk about anything related to his death. 

So, we can either assume that he is still alive or say his death is still unknown.

Did Colestein live this long for real? 

So, Colestein Veglin 615 Ans is that, he may have lived this long because monks claimed to live for millions of years. But, It is still hard to believe that a man can live this far.

Final Closure of the article 

Wrapping up the article, we can state that the age claimed by this old monk might be true, but as per the scientists and other facts, the age of this earth’s oldest man seems to be around 112 years. 

But, as per the 1876 newspaper publishing, we cannot say that the Colestein Veglin Is Real Or Fake. 

If you know anything more about his age mystery, like Colestein Veglin. Then let us know this valuable knowledge in the comments below-

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