Why is it Important to Keep Complete Knowledge About the Upcoming IPOs?

How to Keep Complete Knowledge About the Upcoming IPOs

Complete Knowledge About the Upcoming IPOs: IPOs have rarely seen such strong investor demand as they have in recent years. According to data, the total collection for IPOs has well surpassed the INR 100 lakh crore marks this year. With less than a month until the end of the year, investors may see similar investor participation in upcoming IPOs.

What do you mean by Upcoming IPO?

Upcoming IPO is considered to be the group of those that have filed a DRHP and are set to go public in the coming week or month of 2022.If investors are thinking about financing in the IPO, you should avoid getting caught up in the propaganda that can border a promising fresh business. Many companies have debuted with lofty goals, only to struggle and fail in just few years.

Down the memory lane

During the late 1990s and early 2000s technology stock boom and bust, stockholders became intensely conscious of these dangers while financing in initial public offerings (IPOs). As a result of this extremely hypothetical era in US share and stock marketplace history, some depositors received remarkable improvements on their IPO investments, while others suffered important harms afterward shares of innumerable knowledge stocks plummeted. 

What steps do I apply for an initial public offering (IPO)?

  • Log in to your 5paisa account and navigate to the current IPO section.
  • Enter the quantity of lots and the price you need to apply for.
  • Go in the UPI ID and press the surrender to button. Your proposal will be submitted to the exchange as a result of this.
  • In your UPI application, you will obtain an obligation notice to block funds.
  • If you favor the mandate application on your UPI, your reserves will be congested.

Create multiple demat accounts-Applying with multiple demat accounts with 5paisa is the best way to increase your chances of getting an IPO allotment. Multiple applications can increase the likelihood of an IPO being allotted. You must bid at the highest price possible; each IPO has a price band, with the cut-off referring to the highest price within the band. 

Do Not Wait For The Last Day – Investors frequently wait for the HNI and QIB subscription figures to determine investor sentiments before investing themselves. However, banks generally accept applications until 4 p.m., and if you submit after that time on the final day of the IPO, your application may be rejected. 

Take the Final Call- Finally, apply in the shareholders category to invest in the parent company. If the IPO is launched by a company whose parent company is already listed on an exchange(s), applying through the ‘Shareholder’ category will give you a better chance of getting an IPO allotment.

Highly subscribed IPO investors- Some common questions that investors ask- “Why is No shares allotted to me in IPO?” “I haven’t gotten any allotment in multiple applications” “why am I not getting allotment in any of the IPOs?” are common questions among IPO investors. As a result, it is clear that only the most fortunate individuals receive allotments in highly subscribed IPOs.


There are some IPOs where even people who applied with a single application receive allotment, whereas others apply with multiple numbers and still do not receive allotment. This demonstrates that the process is automated, and the lucky recipient receives the allotment.

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