What are the Best Places to go With a Contactless Travel Card?

Latest News Best Places to go With a Contactless Travel Card

If you are a traveller and want to know which card is best for you then read this article to know  Contactless Travel card.

Contactless payments are the newest craze in the global digital market as they are convenient and easy to carry. And while these are common in many countries, India is not too behind on this digital payments trend. If you’re planning a vacation abroad, it is best to have a contactless travel card that makes your journey seamless as you need not carry unnecessary cash with you.

What is the meaning of a contactless travel card?

A contactless travel card is similar to the debit/credit card concept. With the prepaid amount added to the card, you can use it to pay for your expenses abroad with just a tap. When traveling overseas, you don’t have to provide your PIN manually with every transaction. Many places now accept contactless payments with this travel or forex card. It comes in handy because you can manage your daily expenses without incurring additional foreign exchange fees.

What are the benefits of a contactless travel card?

While traveling abroad, a contactless travel card provides numerous advantages. Some of the top benefits of utilizing a forex or travel card are as follows:

  • You may reload the card at any time and from anywhere using an online foreign exchange website or app.
  • You receive a card preloaded with the currency Exchange of your choice even before you begin your journey.
  • In comparison to buying foreign currency in cash, forex cards offer the best exchange rate deals.
  • Forex cards, like debit or credit cards, require a pin to protect your funds. It makes forex cards a safer option than cash for carrying foreign currency. If your forex card is lost or stolen, it can be immediately disabled.
  • Many provide good forex card deals on their app or website, and you can buy a contactless travel card from the comfort of your home or office.

Here is a list of places where a contactless travel card is accepted:

1) Australia

There are reports that Australia will see an increase in contactless cards to 68.9 million by next year. Most of the POS terminals located in retail locations accept contactless travel cards as a mode of payment. So if you’re planning a vacation to Australia or moving there for work purposes, the travel or forex cards are readily accepted there.

2) Canada

Canada is a popular country among Indian travelers. And when it comes to contactless payments, Canada is ahead of the game in the digital payments market. The use of contactless travel cards has increased over the years, and one can easily use the tap method to make payments without paying additional fees at POS terminals. Using a contactless travel card in Canada is a hassle-free experience.

3) The United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom, contactless travel cards have played a pivotal role in replacing cash payments. Since London is one of the top tourist destinations, it has become a popular hub for contactless payments. Public transportation was mainly the first system to introduce the tap feature to pay for tickets. Since then, contactless payments have been increasingly popular among businesses, fast food chains, and shopping stores. A contactless travel card is mandatory if you’re visiting UK for leisure or work purposes.

4) Sweden

Sweden is up to date with the trend and has amped up its process of cashless payments. From large businesses to small shops, many retail locations are accepting tap and go feature of the contactless forex cards. So if you’re planning to visit Sweden, having a contactless card will make payments easier.

5) Singapore

Singapore, a popular tourist destination, is leading the way in contactless payments. Visa cards have recently become a part of the contactless transit payment system. A contactless travel card functions similarly to a debit or credit card for transportation in Singapore. A contactless travel or forex card is highly beneficial while visiting Singapore because, in addition to transport, many stores and vendors offer contactless POS terminals.

6) South Korea

South Korea is becoming increasingly popular as a tourism destination. It has plenty to offer — fascinating culture, delicious food, and spectacular scenery. South Korea is also one of the fastest-growing countries for its economy, with a slew of new payment methods for transportation, restaurants, and other places. It is best to have a contactless transport card when visiting South Korea.

Where can you get a contactless travel or forex card?

There are many online foreign exchange marketplaces that offer contactless payment cards for your international travel. There is no issuance cost involved in procuring a card, and there are negligible ATM currency withdrawal charges. It makes the process affordable. You can put various foreign currencies on the same card, and there are no hidden currency conversion fees, unlike with a credit or debit card.

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