Cookie Swirl C Face {Aug} Check Age: Is She a PH Star?

Latest News Cookie Swirl C Face

The article describes the facts about Cookie Swirl C Face and the current status of her popularity on social media platforms.

Are you a YouTube video watcher? Do you like to watch videos on this platform? In recent times many people have made a video on the YouTube channel. Cookie Swirl is one of them. The track gets a massive response from viewers from the United States and the United Kingdom

But many people don’t know the person in the video. Recently people came to know about the Cookie Swirl C Face. That is the reason video watchers are excited. 

What Do You Know about the Face Reveal? 

It was almost five years back. The video makers revealed her face on the YouTube channel on 3 October 2017. The video maker announced her face in the “Face Reveal-My Face Vlog with Dogs Cookie Swirl C”. 

But recently, the news comes that the video has received a massive response from the audiences. Especially in Australia, millions of people watched and liked the video. Presently the video has 13,751,826 views from the audience. It is a significant responsibility for a video. 

Cookie Swirl C Age

Many video viewers in Canada also want to know the absolute age of this maker. We have searched for some data, and we can share this with our readers. As per some reports, the video maker was born on 14 March 1997. As per the recent count, her age is 25 years, 5 months and 2 days. 

Besides this, we also find out the actual name of this person. The real name of Cookieswirlc is Candace. Her nickname is Candy. But many know her as “Cookie” as well. The lady is also available on “Twitter”. 

Cookie Swirl C Face

After the face was revealed in the video, this person got a massive response from the video watchers. As per the report, she holds an American passport. And the lady is from California. But we don’t know about her hometown. 

Cookie is famous for her cooking and children’s toy playing videos. The face reveals the video got an enormous response. But there has been a debate going on for the last few months. That is, many people claim that Cookie is a P-star or not. 

We have checked the facts in detail and find that she is not P-Star. It is just a rumor. Hope you get an answer- Is Cookie Swirl C a PH Star or not? 

Why is the News Trending? 

Many people discuss the matter for two reasons. First, about the viewership of the video. And also the debate about her Ph-star status. Many people also follow her on social media and comment on her uploaded videos on social media platforms. 


At last, we can say the matter has become the talk of the town. Many people watch her videos regularly, and they like to watch them. She is very passionate about horses and riding horses. But she got millions of views on the Cookie Swirl C Face video. 

Please note all the reports have valid internet links. But you can also check more by clicking the link. Have you seen her video? Please comment. 

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