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This article on Countryle Game will guide the readers on the clues and gameplay of the countryle. Kindle read to know the complete gameplay.

Have you played Countryle? We always talk about wordle, hurdle, etc., but we haven’t discussed Countryle yet. It is like a word game, but you do not have to guess a random five-letter word here, but a country name. Countryle Game is famous in Australia, the United States, Brazil, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

This post will give detailed gameplay of Countryle. You can also know about the clues of his game here. 

What is Countryle? 

Countryle is a game where the players have to guess the name of a country from the globe. It can be a hemisphere, geographical location, continental, etc. The game provides a bar below where the players write the names of the country. It is like a Wordle where you guess words. Further, we will discuss the gameplay here.

The gameplay of Countryle Wordle

The game is quite easy, and you have to acquire a good knowledge of countries and continents. Here we will share the gameplay:

  • You will get a bar and a global map on the screen. You have to guess and write the name of the country.
  • After you write a name, you will see some clues all over the globe. They could be green, red, or yellow.
  • Also, you will get some other indications like a hemisphere, population, geographical location, etc.
  • If they will turn red, this means the country is incorrect. If it turns yellow, it means you are close to that country. If the name in Countrylw turns green, this means you are on the correct track.

Clues in Countryle 

The game provides you hints and clues so that the players can guess the game easily.

  • Population: It tells you the country’s population.
  • Hemisphere: Hemispherical location of the country 
  • Average temperature: This tells your country’s temperature.
  • Continent: Selected country’s continent.
  • Coordinates: Tells your country’s geographical location.

Other hints include the arrow hints:

  • Upward arrow: This shows the country’s data is higher than the written country.
  • Downward arrow: This shows the country’s data is lower than the written country.

All these hints will make you understand this game. And you can play this game once every fifteen hours.

About Countryle Unlimited

The unlimited version of this game gives you more chances to play than the normal game. You can get many chances in this game to guess the right answer. So, the person cannot lose interest in this and will keep guessing unless they get the right answer.


This write-up has explained to you all the rules and gameplay of Countryle. Also, you will learn about the clues available in this game and what each signal means in this game. You can try this game, and we bet you will love it. Please visit this link to play Countryle.

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