Credit National Assist Scam (Mar) All Facts To Check!

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This article provides information to save people’s information from a Credit National Assist Scam and tells you about the scam in detail. Read it once. 

Have you heard about the latest Credit National scam that makes people worried about their money and personal information? Do you want to know about the scam and how you can avoid it and keep your information safe? 

Many people from the United States have registered complaints regarding an online scam called Credit National Assist Scam. In this article, we will give you brief information about it to be aware of it. 

What is Credit National Assistance?

Credit National Assistance is a financial institution handled by experts in finance who helps the customers in their debt negotiation. This company is an established one and is located in the United States. Many credit card companies have tie-up with Credit National Assistance and many agencies that deal in debt negotiation. 

The business of Credit National Assistance focuses on giving counseling to the people who cannot get rid of their debts. 

What exactly is Credit National Assist Scam?

Many residents of the USA receive phone calls, text messages, and voicemails where the callers pretend to be the employee of Credit National Assistance, where they tell the people to solve their financial problems and debts. 

The scammers ask the people to share their personal and bank details so that they can solve their problem, but when you share your details with them, they won’t provide any assistance.  

What are the numbers that the scammer uses?

Scammers used different numbers to contact the people. Therefore, it is essential to be careful regarding sharing your personal information. In the case of Credit National Assist Scam, the most common numbers that the scammers use are 888-206—4766, 888-675- 1360, and many others. 

So, be careful and do not fall for this scam as it will take all your details regarding your one and financial one. People are scared, as many of them have fallen prey to it, and that’s why it is essential to stay focused and cautious. 

How are people reacting towards the Credit National Scam?

The scammers mainly target older grown-ups or those who have less knowledge about technology and online scams. Unfortunately, they are the easy target for them, so they call them 4-5 times a day, and many people have registered complaints regarding Credit National Assist Scam

People are getting more cautious after hearing the news of these scams and the best thing they should do is report them to any of the authorities. It will help them to catch the culprits. 

Wrapping it up

With the above information, we can say that many people have encountered these scam calls and voicemails and fallen into their traps. However, we should learn from the mistakes of others and read here How To Avoid A Scam

If you have received a phone call from Credit National Assistance  or any of your friends who have fallen into the trap of Credit National Assist Scam, share your experience with us in the comment section.

4 Comments on “Credit National Assist Scam (Mar) All Facts To Check!”

  1. i recevied a call from rebecca from credit national state that she got me a loan aprove to call her back at 888-775-0722 or 1-502-430-7329 also stated i would like this program has limited opening

  2. I’m receiving calls from this group daily saying exactly what Lawrence said above. Who/how do I report these people and to what authorities?

  3. Just got two calls from these lowdown scammers,first from a Kathy who said to call her at a (659) number,then from a Shanna or Hannah who said to call her at a (888) number.I’m much too smart to fall for thus baloney!!! Also got a text ,claiming to be from my bank but originating in a different state. Of course I knew this was hogwash,too,so I called my bank. The text said there was possible fraudulent activity on my account. Of course there wasn’t!! The guy at my bank said this is a scam called shmishing. So,beware of thus one,tooll!! Lots of people probably do fall for it and give them their info,because the text does seem to be from their bank and it’s scary to hear someone has been messing with your account. Beware!!!

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