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This article describes a special debit card that provides cardholders various financial services and benefits. Read more about Activate Card.

Are you interested in knowing about a different type of debit card that delivers various financial benefits to its customers? Then, let’s learn about this card’s features and services, which makes it unique.

Banking customers across the United States are looking for various banking debit card that helps the customers to enhance their payment card-based transactions as various physical currency-related transactions got limited due to the effect of the pandemic. Stay with this article to know more about the Activate Card.


This Debit Card is a basic debit card service that provides multiple benefits to customers on card-based financial activities. The bank account associated with this debit card doesn’t require any minimum balance criteria, which is helpful for financially affected common people.

The tax refunds are executed quickly compared to the traditional debit cards. The banks associated with the card also don’t enforce the credit score requirement for account opening, making it accessible for a larger population. In addition to all the benefits mentioned above, the cardholders are given access to Trust Company, FDIC and Republic Bank services. Learn more on Activate.

Steps to Avail DEEPBLUE Debit Card Online

  • Go to the NetSpend website.
  • Choose “Sign Up” option available on the NetSpend website.
  • Provide your details as per the requirement. Ensure to submit the same details present in the government-issued IDs to avoid the rejection of the application during the official verification process.
  • In the official online application, there is an option where the user needs to select the debit card type depending on their convenience.
  • Debit cards are available with different fee structures and double-check the debit card fees before applying. Activate Card

  • The banking customer must create a banking account, and for that, the customer must submit all officially valid documents.
  • Once the application for a debit card is submitted, the customer receives their DEEPBLUE card as mail. As per the information from the official website, it takes between 7 to 10 days to receive the card.
  • Visit the NetSpend website and choose the visible “Activate Card” option.
  • Complete the card activation process by submitting the correct card details and security code.

Documentation Procedures

  • Firstly, the customer needs to provide their ID validated by the government. Know more about
  • Submission of government-issued documents that includes full name, personal information, ID number, residential address and date of birth is very important.
  • Moreover, the user also is asked to submit another government ID or driving license. The details available in the submitted IDs should match the data provided in the application form to avoid application rejection.


Debit card services with more advanced transactional benefits tend to help cardholders save a large sum of money in the long run. To understand in-depth about this topic, kindly visit this link.

Are you impressed with the procedures involved in Activate Card? Kindly share your feedback on this topic.

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