Deepinder Goyal First Wife: Who Is Kanchan Joshi? Full Wiki Detail With Age

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The article on Deepinder Goyal First Wife explains the age and the wiki of Deepinder Goyal. People can learn more about his first wife from the blog above.

Deepinder Goyal, the founder and CEO of Zomato, is an established celebrity in India’s beginning community. On March 22, Goyal created headlines when he announced his marriage to Grecia Munoz. She is a former model from Mexico.

Deepinder Goyal and Grecia Munoz have been dating for a while. As per sources, the two of them were married one month ago and flew to India following their honeymoon in February. Deepinder Goyal is married for the second time. The news spread Worldwide, and people were looking to get more details.

Deepinder Goyal First Wife

When they were both students at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) in Delhi, Deepinder Goyal and Kanchan Joshi got married. Goyal had already told Forbid some facts about his relationship with Kanchan Joshi.

They were equally in the Mathematics and Computer fields of IIT Delhi. Kanchan, his first spouse, was followed by Deepinder for about six months before they began dating and finally were married. But afterward, the couple broke up.

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Kanchan Joshi Deepinder Goyal

Goyal met Kanchan Joshi while attending IIT Delhi for his college education. The two are married. Siara is the daughter they have. Kanchan Joshi works as a math professor at Delhi University. She was the first wife of Deepinder, and now they have separated.

Kanchan Joshi Deepinder Goyal
Kanchan Joshi Deepinder Goyal

 It is remarkable once more that Kanchan and Deepinder keep their distance from the public eye. And they are the only ones who know why. A few years after they split up, photos of Deepinder having parties with Grecia, his purported girlfriend, became public. Deepinder married Grecia Munoz last month. Grecia is a model in Mexico.

Biography of Deepinder Goyal

Muktsar is a tiny village in Punjab. It is the place where Deepinder Goyal was born. His fate modified, and he began concentrating more on his studies after being an ordinary student until the end of class eight.

The condition was another issue Deepinder had to deal with as a child besides academics. He previously admitted to YourStory that while it has improved over time. There are still some syllables that he needs help with.

He was accepted into the esteemed IIT Delhi, and in 2008, he launched Zomato, which was then known as After first uploading restaurant menus for more accessible research. The startup developed into one of the most significant food delivery applications. He was operating in more than 1000 cities worldwide.

Deepinder Goyal Wiki

  • Name: Deepinder Goyal
  • Year of Birth: January 26, 1983
  • Age: 40 years
  • Place of Birth: Muktsar, Punjab
  • School: DAV College
  • College: IIT, Delhi
  • Profession: Entrepreneur
  • Height: 5’9″
  • Wife: Kanchan Joshi, Grecia Munoz
  • Children: 1
  • Net Worth: 2,400 crores
Deepinder Goyal Wiki
Deepinder Goyal Wiki

Deepinder Goyal Age

Deepinder was 40 years old. Numerous accounts state that Deepinder Goyal, a well-known personality in India’s startup industry, had a relationship with Grecia Munoz. Deepinder and Grecia tied the knot in February 2024 and immediately headed on a honeymoon. Grecia and Deepinder haven’t openly declared their union. 

But her most recent Instagram bio indicates as much. Grecia stated that she is “right now back home in India” in her Instagram profile. Grecia has since posted more pictures from her vacation to Delhi.

Update on the Deepinder Goyal

Recently, Deepinder’s pictures have been trending on social media platforms. He married Grecia Munoz last month and became the headlines on all platforms. Know more about Deepinder Goyal online.

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