Deepwoken Vow Of Mastery {Feb 2022} Find Command Tricks!

Gaming Tips Deepwoken Vow Of Mastery

Deepwoken Vow Of Mastery explores this popular Roblox game, some facts and commands in the game which help players to proceed.

Have you heard of the Deepwoken game that has been getting hype these days? Do you also want to explore the mystery and enjoy the adventure amidst an expansive sea? Let us tell you that people Worldwide are eager to explore new mysteries and participate in different games. And Deepwoken is the game that falls in that category.

So, through this post, we will get to know about Deepwoken Vow Of Mastery and explore more information on it.

What is Roblox Deepwoken about?

DeepWoken by Vows by the Sea is a difficult game that costs 400-Robux, but that is totally worth it. This game isn’t just scary; it is also full of adventure, finding, and growth.

During the journey, players can explore an undiscovered area within an immense sea, unlock special powers, craft a unique character, and unlock special skills. This challenging game is harsh, and once a character dies, they are forever dead and must start over.

Players can explore the Sea, but they must be cautious of the dangers that lurk beneath the murky waves.

The details on Deepwoken Vow Of Mastery!

The character of Vow of Mastery is a part of the Charisma Build system. It is about granting power to command the Subject, but once the Master gets wipes, they lose their Vow of Mastery. In order to begin, the character can ask questions like “Subject, would you like to make a Vow of Mastery?” Once replied yes, and accepted the animation begins, and that character becomes your Subject.

Remember, to master the Vow of Mastery; you will need your Charisma at level 25. After that, every power-up in Deepwoken Vow Of Mastery will give you a chance to become more powerful and get the Talent. For every ten Charisma points, you can have a Subject.

The character can use commands, but you need to improve Charisma or abilities and unlock the required commands as power cards or Talents.

Some of the Commands to Vow the Mastery:

  • Sleep: does not require Talent but helps to down the Subject at full health.
  • Fight: Requires 50 Talent to boost the damage and defense as well as give a purple aura.
  • Return: requires Talent and can pull the character back to the Master.
  • Sacrifice: in Deepwoken Vow Of Mastery, this command enables the Subject to sacrifice their health until the character is full.
  • Live: requires a unique power card and gives the Subject total health when stucked.
  • Run: Comes with 45 Talent and enables Subject Run around 15 seconds, giving a speed boost.

The other commands that do not require Talent are Drop, Say. Each Talent differs from another as each has different capabilities and requires a different talent level. Also, except for Return, all instructions have no radius, allowing you to command in a different sea if needed.


The game was developed by: Ragoozer, Arch_Mage, Melon_Sensei, Grimmkind, Dexerius. While exploring Deepwoken Vow Of Mastery, we got to know every detail. You can read about Vow of Mastery here.

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