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This post on Did Dr Zelenko Die will provide information about the Zelenko Protocol and Dr Zelenko’s cause of death?

Do you know what Zelenko Protocol is? Or have you heard this name before? Zelenko Protocol was an experimental treatment that claims to cure COVID-19. A family physician promoted it from the United States, Vladimir Zelenko also called Zev. Dr Zelenko’s claims became controversial among medical experts and media channels. Recently, heartbreaking news is coming about the demise of Dr Zelenko.

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Who was Dr Zelenko?

Dr Vladimir Zelenko was born in 1973 in Kyiv, a part of Soviet Ukraine. He moved and settled in Sheepshead Bay, southern Brooklyn, New York City. Zelenko earned a degree in doctor in Medicine from Buffalo’s State University of New York. Dr Zelenko passed away on Thursday, June 30, 2022. 

When the whole world was trying to protect itself from the widespread Coronavirus disease, Dr Vladimir Zelenko came up with his “Zelenko Protocol” treatment by combining drugs like Hydroxychloroquine, Zinc sulfate, and Azithromycin, which claims to treat COVID-19.

How Did Dr Zelenko Die?

According to the reports, he has been suffering from a rare type of Cancer for the past four years. However, he lost his battle against the deadly disease. The family physician, who couldn’t sit back and see people dying from COVID-19, started discovering its treatment and died at 48.

His invention and claims might be not proven by authorities but, many people from his region or patients he saved still believe that his invention of the Zelenko Protocol was effective. The news of the demise of Dr Zelenko is trending, and many of his fans still couldn’t believe it and ask, Did Dr Zelenko Die? On social media.

Why was he so famous?

He rose to fame when he wrote an open letter to U.S President Donald Trump, claiming to have successfully discovered the treatment of COVID-19. He also claimed to treat hundreds of patients suffering from the virus. Various medical experts and scientists criticized his claims. The platform also banned his Twitter account for platform manipulation and spreading misinformation about the Coronavirus vaccine.

Although many claim that his invention was effective but left ignored because of propaganda run by the big medicine industry and Government, it doesn’t matter How Did Dr Zelenko died. The world will remember him for his contribution to saving the lives of many patients.


Summing up, Dr Zelenko was a family physician, activist, scientist and medical expert who claimed to discover a successful cure for COVID-19 in 2020. He gained popularity over the last couple of years when the world suffered from the pandemic. This article will provide information about Dr Zelenko’s discovery and the cause of his death.

Check this link  to learn more about Dr Zelenko and his cause of death.

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