Teeth Care 101: Different Types of Dental Services

Complete Information About Teeth Care 101- Different Types of Dental Services

For some people, trips to the dentist tend to be scary, especially if you have bad memories of uncomfortable or painful moments there. Fortunately, dental care is less complicated than ever.

Aiming for a healthy smile doesn’t only rely on oral hygiene. Regular visits to the dentist are also essential.  With the help of different types of dental services, you keep your mouth clean and healthy. 

In this article, we provide details on different dental services and procedures. Let’s get started!

Different Types of Dental Services

There are various treatments and dental services that are available now. They all have different dental procedures and functions designed to prevent and treat dental diseases and problems.

Preventative Dental Services

It is recommended that every person should visit their dentist for a checkup at least twice a year. It is affordable and can be completed quickly. The dentist will perform different types of dental services, such as:

Oral Exam

This dental service allows the dentist to inspect all aspects of a patient’s mouth, including their teeth, gums, and the tissues in, around, and behind the mouth. The dentist will typically check for signs of tooth decay, periodontal disease, and abscesses, as well as for any obstructions that could cause problems with swallowing, biting, or minor cavities.

Dental Cleaning

This dental service removes plaque, tartar, and bacteria from teeth. This is to prevent the build-up from further contributing to the deterioration of your dental health. It involves using specialized tools, such as scrapers, to remove plaque and tartar from teeth and clean between them. 

Dental X-rays

Depending on the situation, the dentist may suggest additional X-ray services to provide more detailed images of the mouth. Regular X-ray exams should be taken at least every one to two years. 

This dental service will allow the dentist to look inside the mouth and identify potential problems that cannot be seen on the surface. X-rays can detect cavities and other dental issues, such as problems with the jawbone, tumors, and impacted teeth. 

Restorative Dental Procedures

These dental procedures repair or replace teeth due to damage or decay. This is to improve chewing function, eliminate dental pain, reduce the risk of dental issues in the future, and improve the appearance of your smile.

It is more complex and costly. These include dental services such as:


This dental service is commonly used to remove a tooth that is severely damaged, decayed, or injured. This tooth may also be impacted (stuck in the jawbone) or have an infection that has spread to the surrounding area. Extractions are very common in cases with no alternative and must be performed by a professional dentist. 


This improves the appearance of a tooth and is quickly and painlessly completed. They usually consist of a material such as gold, metal, or plastic and ceramic compound.

During the filling, the dentist drills away the decayed portion of the tooth to make room for the filling. After it is prepared, the dentist cements the filling into the cavity left behind. Fillers can last several years, but they require regular oral care to stay in place.

Root Canal Treatments

It is often recommended to preserve the remaining healthy tooth structure. The procedure is typically done to treat an infection that has penetrated deep inside the tooth.

It involves the removal of the tissue inside the root, cleaning the space, filling it with a material such as gutta-percha, and placing a crown or other restoration to protect the tooth. Root canals can be a lengthy, delicate process and require multiple visits to the office.

Dental Implants

This is surgically attached to the jawbone and is permanent. It is more expensive and invasive, is generally easier to wear, more secure, and provides greater aesthetic appeal. It is designed to look, feel, and function like your natural teeth and requires less maintenance than dentures.

For more dental implant alternatives, check out this site.


It is often affixed to the gums and is removable and more affordable than implants, and it’s available in a range of styles. It may need to be adjusted for a comfortable fit and aligned adequately for optimal functioning.

Crowns and Bridges

These dental services are used to replace multiple missing teeth. A crown is constructed to resemble the natural tooth, and the bridge provides support and stability to the existing arches or teeth.

Cosmetic Dental Services

These dental services are an increasingly popular option for patients wishing to enhance the beauty of their smile. These services encompass everything from:

Teeth Whitening

It’s the most common and economical cosmetic dental procedure available today. The dental works by lightening the discoloration of the teeth, restoring their natural whiteness, resulting in a brighter, more attractive smile. 

Porcelain Veneers

This type of dental service offered by many cosmetic dentists is a thin layer of porcelain bonded to the front surfaces of a person’s tooth. The procedure is used to restore a patient’s teeth to a brighter, whiter, and more even-looking smile. Veneers are highly durable and long-lasting due to their thin layer of porcelain, capable of resisting staining from food and drinks.


It concentrates on diagnosing, preventing, and treating misaligned teeth and jaws. Orthodontists use various techniques to treat misaligned teeth, such as braces and clear aligners.

Braces are made up of brackets and wires that are adjusted over time to move the teeth into the desired position slowly. Clear aligners are a popular alternative to braces since they use clear plastic trays instead of brackets and wires.

They are also gradually adjusted to shift teeth into the desired position. Orthodontics can help improve oral health and create a beautiful, even smile.

Whatever type of dental services you require, taking the time to visit your dentist can help keep your teeth healthy and strong and achieve a beautiful smile.

Visit Your Dentist Today

It’s essential to be informed about all the different types of dental services available to ensure your smile stays healthy. Visit your dentist regularly and take advantage of the different types of dental services that they offer – you’ll be glad you did!

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