These are the Distance Wedge Techniques You Should Know

These are the Distance Wedge Techniques You Should Know

It is easy to start playing golf. But the hard part is keeping it up and improving your performance by the day. In this article, we will have a look at some of the key techniques you need to know in order to improve your game. As a result, these are the distance wedge techniques you should have at least an idea about.

1. The Push

The Push is a simple and easy-to-execute technique for beginners. It’s also one of the most effective techniques for long shots. You should know this technique is one of the total distance wedge techniques.

2. The Bend

The bend is a short-game alternative to the Push. This technique involves hitting the ball higher and with less power. It is simply another effective distance wedge tool in your arsenal. It’s also one of our favorite distance wedge golf tips for beginners, especially when paired with a reliable leather golf bag to carry your clubs with style and durability.

This technique will help you ensure that your ball gets over the top of whatever lies ahead before it lands down onto the green or just past it onto a hazard.

3. The Fade

The fade is the alternative to the bend. This technique is more effective with more room on your shot. It’s also great if you’re looking for a lower trajectory shot used effectively in the fairway.

Because of its high trajectory and low power, this distance wedge golf tip will give you more hang time which can help you get around dangerous obstacles. This technique will also have better accuracy because you’re less likely to shank or hit it low.

4. The Push-fade

It is a combination of the previous two distance wedge tips. Instead of hitting it higher like a bend, you will start with more power and slowly fade it. It is effective when you want to compress distance while still getting that high-trajectory shot. The push-fade is one of the best short-game distance wedge techniques you should know how to do.

5. The Draw

Draw, or sidespin, in golf refers to a ball curve from right to left or “left to right” when viewed from behind the ball. You should use the distance wedge golf tip if you want to play a lower trajectory shot without much hang time.

This draw is used for a high-trajectory shot from a more open space. It is one of the most unique distance wedge techniques that you’ll ever learn. One of our favorite things about it is how it gives more control over your ball flight and consistent results. This technique will also be effective if you want to hit trees or obstacles in your way, which is why we love this technique so much. 

Bellow, we will also take a look at the three types of wedge techniques and how they are performed.

  • Finesse Wedge

The finesse wedge is the most commonly used type of wedge. It is a short-game product used frequently in golf cart professionals’ bags. It is also known as a sidespin wedge or anchoring wedge. It has less loft than a standard distance wedge, but it will improve your accuracy dramatically.

They are designed to have spin and grass-side mass inside of their cavity. These wedges are great if you’re looking to hit a driving distance wedge shot under 300 yards. They’re also very versatile in that they are used for both the Push shot and drawing pictures on your swing when you need more spin or mass.

  • Pitching Wedge

It is a unique distance wedge used to hit a ball out of complex angles and positions. It is one of the most popular distance wedge techniques you’ll encounter. It’s also slightly heavier to maintain momentum throughout your shot and provide a maximum spin on contact. It is used for both sidespin shots and average shots as well. It will be helpful for long shots with less room to move around.

  • Lob Wedge

It is known as the shortest lofted wedge in the industry. It’s utilized when you need to hit a shot that has a shallow landing area or when you can’t use much room due to obstacles around the green. There’s not much spin on these wedges, but they’re very effective at producing low-trajectory shots with more control over your ball flight.

The Bottom Line

Distance Wedge Techniques are essential and should be used to improve your golf game! But, you want to continue there; the distance wedge is one of the most vital tools for your golf game. You can adjust how much it will add to your swing, leading to a more accurate shot.

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