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The guide shares details of the tax filing deadline and Does Tax When Season Start 2022.

Tax filing is rarely high on everyone’s list of things to do. But, the tax filing deadline in 2022 won’t be like 2020 and 2021. In 2022, there is a public holiday on the date of tax filing, and hence the time may be pushed further, giving a day time to the tax filers. 

In 2022, the tax filing day will not be on 15th April, and it is because of public holidays and not for COVID-19 restrictions. 

People in the United States and Canada are worried and want to know Does Tax When Season Start 2022.

When Does Tax Season Start in 2022?

The tax filing season in 2022 will not be normal as there is a minor change in the deadline. Apart from public holidays, COVID-19 will still be a concern in 2022.

Because of the public holidays, the traditional tax filing deadline will be changed in 2022, not because of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

In selected states like Massachusetts, the deadline for tax filing would be 19th instead of 18th April because 18th April is observed as Patriot Day. Moreover, the rest of America will file their taxes on 18th April as the 16th April is observed as Emancipation Day, and Friday is observed as a holiday in Washington DC.   

Does Tax When Season Start 2022 – The Important Dates

The income tax filing process is expected to be closer to the expected filing date of 2020 and 2021. In the last two seasons, the tax filing deadlines were pushed further due to the closure of the IRS office, IRS and tax firm staff working remotely, and the closure of tax courts. 

In 2022, things won’t be different as the tax filing deadline has been pushed from 15th April to 18th April, and it is not because of COVID-19 restrictions but for the holidays observed across America. So, you know now Does Tax When Season Start 2022.  

Depending upon the date of filing the tax, the taxpayer can expect to receive tax refund payment within two to three weeks via direct deposit or check.  

When Does IRS Start Accepting Income tax Returns?

According to the official statement, IRS will start accepting the income tax return between 24th Jan and 31st Jan 2022.

Please note, there IRS may delay the start of tax season by one week. Besides, Return with CTC and EITC may get delayed refunds up to March. It is because IRS needs more time to verify the credits. 

Moreover, you have to wait longer when filing the tax return during the peak season.  

Taxpayers looking for Does Tax When Season Start 2022 must know that the online tax filing process is always faster, and the tax return will be refunded within one to three days. 


IRS has stated that the tax filing deadline won’t be changed. But there is a little push to the filing date due to the public holidays observed across America. However, it won’t be delayed more than two to three days, and the deadline is set for 18th April 2022.

Online filing is faster, and paper filing would long time. So, people asking Does Tax When Season Start 2022 must know the 18th April 2022 is the deadline for filing the tax return.   

Do you have anything to update about the tax filing deadline? Then, please share it in the comment section. 

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