Ducky Bhai Viral Video on Telegram: Fake Video 2024 on Reddit And Instagram

Latest News Ducky Bhai Viral Video on Telegram

Ducky Bhai Viral video on Telegram made his numerous fans and followers curious after they learned about the reward the well-known Pakistani YouTuber offered.

Check this guide to learn why a YouTuber announced a reward after the Ducky Bhai Viral Video on Telegram came into the spotlight.


  • The viral video of Ducky Bhai, the popular YouTuber from Pakistan, was among the most heated topics across every social media site when people Worldwide learned the video’s facts.
  • An unknown person had recently shared a video clip of the YouTuber’s wife. The video is supposedly fake and made with the help of AI tools.
  • The YouTuber offered a reward of Rs 10 lakh to locate the person who made a fake Ducky Bhai Viral Video on Telegram of his wife.

Ducky Bhai Viral Video on Telegram:

The recent viral video that made people curious to share with other users and discuss was of a well-known YouTuber’s wife. The footage showed Ducky Bhai’s spouse in the frame. However, the clip that people claimed to be of the YouTuber’s wife showed a different girl’s face.

The clip in slow motion is expected to be picturized using AI (artificial intelligence) and has been claimed by Ducky Bhai and his wife as fake. The YouTuber and his wife took to Instagram to share their experience and informed people about the fake viral video of his wife.

About Ducky Bhai Viral Video on Telegram

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Ducky Bhai Wife Fake Video:

After Ducky Bhai’s wife, Aroob Jataoi’s clip was trolled after online viewers watched it through Telegram and other social networking sites. Later, Ducky Bhai and his wife clarified to people about the circulated video and the harassment they experienced due to the fake video.

Ducky and his wife also shared how they are mentally stressed due to people talking about his wife and discussing the video primarily over online platforms. The fake video allowed them to share detailed statements about the trauma caused by the viral video.

Ducky Bhai’s Wiki:

Real name Saad Rehman
Stage name Ducky Bhai
Profession YouTuber and Vlogger
Marital Status Married
Location Pakistan
Spouse name Aroob Jatoi

Is Ducky Bhai Wife’s video available on Reddit?

Is Ducky Bhai Wife’s video available on Reddit


Aroob Jatoi, Ducky Bhai’s wife, was largely trolled after her viral video made headlines. She and her husband, Ducky Bhai, came live through social media to explain the harassment they have experienced to viewers.

The video is fake and cannot be clicked through any available video links shared through social networks. Many social networks share links to Ducky Bhai’s wife’s video, but it does not show Aroob Jatoi or anything associated with her.  

 What did Ducky Bhai announce through Tiktok and Instagram?

Duck Bhai and his wife came live through social media and shared the video’s occurrence with online viewers. The YouTuber also announced an Rs ten lakh reward for anyone who can locate or expose the person who allegedly and illegally shared his wife’s fake video clip.

They wanted to reach that unknown individual who edited a video clip through Artificial Intelligence (AI) and claimed to be Aroob Jatoi, his spouse. Ducky Bhai and Aroob Jatoi denied their association with the fake video and urged people to assist them in locating the accused involved in creating the phony video.


Saad Rehman, with the stage name Ducky Bhai, recently caught the public’s interest after he announced a reward of Rs ten lakhs. The reward was announced as a way to get help from people to reach the individual who edited and created a fake video clip of Aroob Jatoi, his spouse. We will update more about Ducky Bhai’s viral video shortly. Stay Tuned!

Ducky Bhai Viral Video on Telegram made him announce the reward since an unknown individual edited and created his wife’s fake video clip.

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