Egocentrism Risk Of Rain 2 {Mar} Find What This Item Do?

Gaming Tips Egocentrism Risk Of Rain 2

In this article, we will read about the risk of rain games and the particular item Egocentrism Risk Of Rain 2.

The Risk of Rain 2 is recently launched its new expansion, which includes many new items, characters, etc. This update has created a buzz among the Risk of Rain 2 players Worldwide. The excitement among the players to try out the new characters and items and to play in new stages is evident. 

The players are looking forward to one such item is the Egocentrism Risk Of Rain 2. A total of 40 new items have been added by the launchers in the game this time. 

About Risk of Rain 2?

Risk of Rain 2 is the sequel of the famous classic game, known as Risk of Rain. And It was created by Hopoo Games and was published online by Gearbox publishing. The game makers have recently launched an expansion of the game called Survivors of the Void. And it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the players are in love with new updates. 

The Egocentrism Risk Of Rain 2 is a new item that has created eagerness among all the players. It is being said that the new expansion will have an eternal wave-based mode which would help the players to evaluate the threat of some locations in the game. This means that the players would have already seen the locations in this new mode, but there would be an endless. According to the makers, the difficulty would also keep increasing over time. The players would get to know all about this new wave. 

About Egocentrism Risk Of Rain 2:

Egocentrism is one of the new items that has been added in the Risk of Rain 2. This item would be great for bombing enemies as it generates an orbiting bomb that can impact damage of 360% on the enemy. 

Every 60 seconds, the holder of the item would release a random item which would get converted into a stack of Egocentrism. The item that would be released would be completely random, and players can later gain it. The head of the character that would use the egocentrism item would get replaced with a giant neon sphere. 

About Other new items:

The Risk of Rain 2 currently has 137 items and almost 35 equipment in the game, and recently, 40 new items have been released. Egocentrism Risk Of Rain 2 comes under the blue items. Other blue items released along with Egocentrism are Stone Flux Pauldron, Light Flux Pauldron and Eulogy Zero. 


The Risk of Rain 2 is all that’s going on in the minds of the regular players of this game. The new updates have made the game more exciting, and everyone is looking forward to it. And We hope that you gained all essential knowledge about the Egocentrism Risk Of Rain 2. Click on this link if you want to learn more about ROR2.    

Do you also like to play the risk of rain? If yes, then tell us about your gameplay experience.

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