How Important is Email Marketing for Your Repair Business?

Complete Information Email Marketing for Your Repair Business

Email Marketing for Your Repair Business: Starting your own repair business is a challenging adventure. But now that you have opened your own repair store, what’s the next big challenge? It is making a mark as a wholesome repair business, of course

The trick here lies in being mindful of the several marketing and automation possibilities. These activities may seem low in impact, but with proper implementation these efforts can actually help your business grow effectively.

There are several strategies which you can deploy to help your business grow. However, each problem mitigation step you take will not always remove the intended hurdles from your business operations and growth scalability. Sometimes a solution you weighed more will turn out to be a total waste of your efforts, at other times the marketing effort you won’t even consider worth your dime would yield you a multiple times ROI. So how can you sail through making profit in revenue and without burning yourself out? Read on to know more …

Many repair business owners fail to integrate their stores with repair shop software. The implementation of a point of sales software automates several of your business processes. A robust POS software will allow you to manage your business in a much easier manner, be it generating tickets or invoicing or even inventory management.

However, opening a repair store and having a computer repair shop POS software is not ‘enough’ to get you all the customers you need. While the software does help you make your business transactions hassle-free and smooth, how will you bring in the customer you hope to serve with your awesome service? You can either wait while keeping your fingers crossed, praying for a miracle to attract a multitude of customers, or jump in action!

The million dollar question now is, how do you put your need for marketing in action?

The effective approach is generating a marketing strategy because marketing is crucial for all stores — digital and conventional alike. What marketing does is establish a trust factor between your brand/store and the clientele you’d want to come looking for you. There are many avenues of marketing you can take up, for some SEO articles and paid ads are the way to go, but there are much simpler techniques available for you to reach out to your potential customers.

Emails are one of the easiest marketing approaches to make sure that your old customers walk back into your shop again. An interesting fact about the repair industry is that businesses benefit more from customer retention than customer acquisition. This means that you can generate a better customer base if you retain the recurring ones. 

Remember, your cost of maintaining an existing customer is substantially lower than the cost of acquiring a new customer.

You can inform your customers about new products, discounts, and other services. Send out number-backed reports from your computer repair shop POS software and let your customers know what you’re on about! It can also be an event specific sale or a post to educate your customers on the vision of your business and/or keep them engaged between purchases. It can be anything meaningful to both the business and the customers!

The best part about communicating by email is the instantaneous results. 

Your email communications quickly disseminate the information you want and provide a quick response from customers in the form of inquiries. It also allows for quicker problem-solving and more streamlined business processes. As a result, small business owners can accomplish more in less time.

Here is a list of things you need to know about email marketing to strengthen your repair business:

Marketing Power

By having a dedicated email marketing schedule, the power lies in your hands to drive the loyalty of your customers in an effective manner to generate more business. You can make a list of people as per their repair orders, or not, and sign them up for monthly promotional discounts and offers. By sending out update reminders, you can easily get several customers to your webpage or storefront. Thereby increasing the general traffic and footfall of your store.

Little Investment

Email marketing is by far the most cost-effective means to highlight your brand to your potential and existing clientele. It uses the least amount of investment than any other means of marketing, and generates a greater output of the intended results. Research claims that for every dollar you spend in email marketing, you get 36 dollars back in your account. 

This is a solid 36 times return on your investment! 

You can not expect a higher return from any other form of marketing, digital or conventional. 

Speak Yourself

Speak to your customers yourself and set the tone you deem fit, for your store and your consumers. Customize your emails and inform your customers about any updates and changes in your business. Make a personalized approach so that the customers can relate to what you are saying. Email marketing allows you to boost the trust factor between you and your customers.

Customer Wants

Position your email marketing strategy in such a way that it highlights taking care of what your customers wanted from your store. 

Now, how can you accomplish that? 

Easy, peasy! This can be in the form of services, prices, equipment or anything you think will drive your customer back into your store. Research data reveals that 72% of the consumers like to get information about new services and discounts via emails. This means that your customers will be more receptive to your emails – be it promotional or informational. Your chances of generating additional sales via email marketing is a fact. All you have to do is understand how to design an email.

Generous Discounts

Everyone loves to save money, no matter how little it is. Being generous with discounts and promo codes will definitely pay off in the form of additional business. If you can establish a trust factor between your store and the customer, and assure them of your store being a business that offers the best discounts and promo codes, not only are people more likely to open your emails but they’ll also add value to your email interactions in the hopes of getting a greater deal. Be relevant with the discounts you offer to your recipients on products or services they opt for in your store to get repeat visits. This means more business and more sales — a win-win situation!

Monthly Newsletters

Another thing about email marketing is that you can either send out singular emails, or have a set format which goes out biweekly or every month. Break down your customers by key features, like the services they often opt for at your store. Now that you know what each category of customer wants, send them the relevant content and offers designed specifically for their persona preference. Target them with the exact features (upcoming and implemented), discounts, special offers, helpful and meaningful content, or any other details that you feel will benefit your customers. 

Pro tip: Sticking to a single newsletter rather than separate emails cuts down on the number of messages your subscribers have to open and consequently the cost you have to bear. 

Always know that integrating a POS software with email marketing is a very strong combination if you want to make an impact on your business and customers, respectively. 

So, what are you waiting for? 

Dive into these techniques and generate more inquiries and footfall for your store. We’re cheering for you!

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