Emma Selling Sunset Olympics {April} What She Claims!

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The recent claim by Emma Selling Sunset Olympics as a Swimmer has been searched widely on the internet. Read to know more.

In the fifth season of Selling Sunset, which is now streaming on Netflix, Emma Hernan has claimed that she once qualified for the Olympics. The show, which has strong viewership in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdomis widely watched by people around the globe. 

Do you know, this season started on 22nd April 2022 and is being watched globally? With this, people started inquiring about Emma Selling Sunset Olympics and whether she had qualified for the Olympics or not.

The Claim of Qualification for Olympics by Emma Hernan

Our intention in this article is to make you know whether Emma Hernan has spoken the truth or not. Emma Hernan is a powerful personality and is considered wealthy, and the audience is generally captivated by her. It has been claimed that Emma had a past with principal cast members, and she, before the reality series, she worked at the Oppenheim Group. She worked with Brett Oppenheim, Christine Quinn, Mary Fitzgerald and others. 

The situation now is that Emma From Selling Sunset has claimed that she once qualified for the Olympics. She said that she was a good swimming player and qualified for Olympics as a swimmer. She said that she began swimming when she was six years old. Emma’s mother was a swimmer, and she motivated Emma to join the pool. She said that she started breaking and creating records just after her inception in the field. After some reports have surfaced, it is asserted that their most significant strength of Emma in swimming was her backstroke. She didn’t give any details about the same.

The Truth of the Claims of Emma Selling Sunset Olympics

At sixteen, Emma Hernan inevitably gave up their swimming career. It is to be recorded that qualifying for the swimming category in the US is no easy task, and the occasion comes after good track records and various trials. According to some reports, Emma did not participate in any trials from 2004 to 2008. It could, however, be said that Emma might have been thinking about or gearing up for the coming trials but decided against participation. 

This could be the legit and convincing theory as no records officially are found about Emma Selling Sunset Olympics participating in trials. Therefore, the claims have not been substantiated, and no official records have been found. Thus, there has been no convincing argument that surfaced in the media. Emma Hernan should be coming forward to clarify the position and in which trial did she qualify for the Olympics. The situation would only be cleared after more information.


Emma Hernan is getting a lot of followership after she started featuring in the current season of Selling Sunset. She has recently claimed that she once qualified for the Olympics. After such a claim by Emma Selling Sunset Olympics, people started searching about her history in the game. To know more, see Is Selling Sunset’s New Realtor Emma Hernan an Olympic Swimmer?  

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