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This article on Epic Games Among Us Fortnite is about to reveal the reason for the game to be in the news and some other relevant information.

Are you a gaming geek? If yes, you probably heard or had played the Among Us and Fortnite games. Maybe both or one of them. And perhaps you came across the recent news popping up for online video game players, which this article will tell you about. 

Considering the popularity of the Epic Games Among Us Fortnite, it is heading to the top of players’ feeds on different platforms Worldwide. To know different aspects of the news, keep reading the content ahead. 

Why Are Among Us and Fortnite in the News?

Fortnite and Among Us are two well-known and massively played games worldwide. In recent times, Fortnite developer Epic Games tried to copy or add modes similar to the Among Us game in Fortnite. 

Unfortunately, it disappointed the Among Us developers, especially InnerSloth LLC. To resolve the friction, both parties conclude to collaborate on a win-win way ahead.  

Release date: Epic Games Store Among Us

An official announcement of the crossover of Among Us with Fortnite is visible on Among Us’s Twitter handle. Players eagerly await the day when they can enjoy both thrills on one screen. According to online sources, collab-game is about to launch one year from now, tentatively on June 9, 2023. 

The important thing to note here is that players who own the Among Us or Fortnite games most probably don’t have to buy collaborative games separately. But they need to upgrade and update the game to enjoy the features of the added game.

Important details for Epic Games Among Us Fortnite:

Epic Games Store gives you access to various games of different tastes and trends in the gaming world. Now to play Among Us with added features of Fortnite or vice-versa, players have to buy them from the Epic Games store as this is the official publisher of the game.

If a player who used to play Among Us game and desires to play the collab game, then s/he might see some features like:

  • Points of Interest after each win.
  • Combat tactics at each level.
  • Harvesting Materials for a way ahead.

How to and from where to buy?

As the Fortnite Among Us Epic Games will publish the combined game. So to purchase and download the game follow the below-given steps.

  • Step1: Visit the Epic games store.
  • Step2: Sign up with available options.
  • Step3: Search for the game.
  • Step4: hit the purchase and download buttons.

Since the game is yet to be published, which will probably take a year, the information around prices will only be public then. 

Final thought:

To conclude, the point to be noticed is always to follow the official announcements of the Epic Games Among Us Fortnite and not fall prey to cyber criminals. And enjoy the game.

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