With financial expert Lorenzo Seu, prepare your investor pitch

Make Investor Pitch With Financial Expert Lorenzo Seu

The truth of a pitch to investors is more anchored in the expertise of experts like Lorenzo Seu and less about staged theatrics on television shows like Shark Tank. Mr. Seu, the Head of Finance at NewtonX, works for a firm that is fundamentally altering how businesses view the market and engage with it.

Business-to-business market research firm NewtonX’s creative application of AI is giving its clients greater accuracy and insight. In a recent Fortune piece, the business discussed its conclusions regarding the consequences of the Covid period and the future. You don’t need to be an industry titan like Facebook, Samsung, Citi, or another to access the knowledge base that underpins NewtonX;

Lorenzo is driven by a desire to help startups and business owners succeed by offering them the benefit of his expert knowledge. Lorenzo’s commitment in these trying times is demonstrated by his participation as a judge at occasions like the Queens College tech incubator “From Idea to Business” and others at Covid. He easily acknowledges that there are several chances this year, and that good evaluation of these opportunities frequently makes the difference between failure and success.

Mr. Seu has extensive experience managing the finances of prosperous businesses in both Europe and America. Although intimidating, he advises against approaching the right presentation of financial accounts in an insufficient manner. Three statements should be included in this: a balance sheet, a cash flow prediction, and a profit and loss statement (which lists assets and liabilities and income and costs) (cash inflows and outflows from the various activities). The founders should at the very least present a profit and loss account. A list of measures or KPIs (Key performance indicators) that are particular to the market should not be overlooked. good fake drivers license

Over-diversifying your services, goods, or target market may be a serious error. Focus on a clear, fundamental concept. You can create a new product or adjust to your market later if you don’t want to overcomplicate things right away, which can increase your chances of failing. A startup business’s ability to demonstrate a wide range of product and service concepts is really a weakness.

Make every effort to convey your pitch flawlessly. It should seem clear, but a PowerPoint deck with errors, inconsistent typefaces, no pagination, and no summary has little chance of persuading investors, says Lorenzo. A lot of planning and practice must go into a business plan presentation. A business pitch requires a very precise pace, language, and tone. The speaker must be really organized. The speech, which is frequently referred to as a “elevator pitch,” must be presented in less than five minutes and include the main points.

There is no requirement for a presentation to meet the criteria of a management consulting company, but founders who have never written a business plan want a foundational understanding of slides and text documents.Online training is readily accessible for free or at a little cost to enhance presenting abilities. This greatly boosts the credibility of a company proposal.

The presentation must be flawless, to put it simply. Both written and spoken communication are affected by this. Clarity in the company plan is also necessary as a complement to this. The kind of service or item that the business sells must be clear. Running a business requires more than just having a great concept or an original product. It is important to have well defined product pricing, sales channels, delivery models, and overall economic models. Mr. Seu continues, “In all honesty, if the economic model is not clearly stated, pitching a startup or its business plan is not worthwhile. Presenting anything vague or incomplete wastes everyone’s time. https://doitmart.com/

The people behind it are equally important to generating interest as the concept and its implementation. A start-up is all about the people, among other things. Without the proper executive team, a good concept or breakthrough cannot prosper. Investors don’t just buy ideas; they also buy people. Briefly describe the founder’s and the team’s history, emphasizing their accomplishments.

In keeping with this, the individuals you are pitching to are key, and being able to interact well with them will help you convey the information they are interested in. To successfully convey information and concepts, modify the language and terminology you use to suit them precisely. I studied a number of Business Plans in the Biotech/Pharma area, Lorenzo recalled.

Understanding new medications, chemicals, or processes may be quite difficult. It would be difficult for a non-expert investor to form their own conclusion. In this situation, adding charts, drawings, or comparisons using nonscientific terminology may be quite beneficial, and your pitch should follow a similar example that speaks the people you are speaking to’s language.

Finally, even though you are enthusiastic about your concept and pitch, try not to be too upbeat. Give examples of the best, worst, and middle cases. Business strategies that have a tendency to be unduly pessimistic are inconsistent, Lorenzo claims. For instance, the founders must provide a credible justification if the business plan predicts that revenue will increase annually over the following five years.

Starting businesses will get more money from investors than ever in 2021. As of July, more over $290 billion has already been raised, exceeding all of 2020. Deals of more than $100 million are becoming more common, particularly in the US. According to new potential in industries like cryptocurrencies, AI, AR & VR, and others, many firms will find success by focusing on a specific specialty before growing. While starting a business is getting simpler, keeping one going is getting more challenging. For those that approach gaining investors in a smart and well-executed manner, opportunities are aplenty.

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