Fossils Last Stand Pa {May 2022} The Factual Details!

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The news covers all the important facts relating to the Fossils Last Stand Pa incident and gives the readers entire details.

Have you heard of the recent racist news circulating on social media? In a recent video, a woman named Jackie Harford made this shocking comment about a guy where people heard her saying that he seemed like a white guy. The comment outraged the people, and they started lashing her for the racist comment. People of the United StatesCanada, and the United Kingdom are very shocked by the incident, and they want justification for the same. More details about Fossils Last Stand Pa are mentioned here.

What is the news?

The news got limelight after the incident where a woman in a bar in Catasauqua climbed on the back seat of a car and surprisingly said to the driver that he seemed like a white guy. The driver was taken aback by the comment, and she even made fun of and asked if he knew English. Not only this, she made many outraging comments in the face of the driver. After the incident, she deleted her social media page and even her account when she started receiving backlash from people.

Essential points on Jackie Harford Fossils Last Stand

The Viral incident spread all over Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram by the driver himself, where he shared the details he faced last night outside a bar. The woman, Jackie Harford, has shut down her bar’s website as she was getting lots of negative comments from the people, and many even threatened her about not visiting her bar even once. Many phone calls were going on there, but the calls were unanswered. The driver named Bode thanked his supporters, and he has even filed a complaint at the police station.

Detailed news on Fossils Last Stand Pa

The incident outraged the people when they heard of the misbehavior by the bar owner. People said that the police must take action against the woman and that she should be punished for her behavior. Another user commented that one should take a stand against these comments and not just let them go in the namesake of peace. Some users commented that they must carry masks or white hoods to let people know about their race and religion. The incident is very disheartening, and this is not the first time people are suffering from hate comments. Jackie Harford Fossils Last Stand news has grabbed the attention worldwide, and no one is in support of the woman. 

People who want to know the details about the news relating to the incident can read the details here   and know about the situation faced.

Final Verdict

The news has opened the eyes of the people, and they want immediate action against the woman. The driver has expressed his thanks for supporting him in his tough times. We are waiting for the final verdict of the case. What are your views on the incident? Were you shocked by Fossils Last Stand Pa news? Comment below your answers and let us know the details.

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