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This article exposed the Gladys Ricart Video Reddit of her brutal murder posted on social media and the action taken against the killer.  

Who is Gladys Ricart? What happened at her wedding? Recently Gladys Ricart depicts the cruel murder at her wedding by her Ex-Boyfriend. Gladys Ricart Marriage video is a Worldwide hot trending news today. Want to know why & how he killed her? Read the Gladys Ricart Video Reddit article till the end to learn the details.

Gladys Ricart Wedding

Gladys Ricart’s marriage video shows her cruel killing before her marriage ceremony. She was gravely shot in her room and ready to leave for the supreme wedding. But instead, she enters the church to marry James Preston Jr. 

A private detective ultimately exposed that Gladys Ricart was gunshot dead in cold blood. The incident happened while dispensing flower bouquets to her bridesmaids. At that time, the killer broke into Gladys’s living room. 

Red Wedding – The terrible Murder

The horrible killing of Gladys Ricart Wedding Video is portrayed in primal instinct Red Wedding. Police investigation detection also determines how authorities ultimately catch the criminal. 

Gladys Ricart Wedding and Death

Gladys Ricart lived in Ridgefield, located in New Jersey. She was overjoyed about her special day to marry the love of Gladys’s life James Preston Jr.When Gladys Ricart was 39 years old. On 26th September 1999, she was ready to leave for the sanctuary where she would get wedded. She changed her wedding dress on the wedding day and was ready for the marriage.

Gladys Ricart Video Twitter

She was ready to give her bridesmaids bloomy bouquets during the wedding process. By that time, a man in a perfect suit entered the front door among the celebrations. He said he came to the function to wish Gladys. The family members allowed him to meet Gladys without giving any thought.

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How was Gladys Ricart killed?

People have searched the internet for a reason for Gladys Ricart Video Reddit release. The anonymous person shot Gladys Ricart three times in front of everyone, including family members and relatives. He killed Gladys even before grasping who he was. The person reached to her with the briefcase. In that briefcase, he was holding a 38-caliber revolver to kill her. 


How was Gladys Ricart killed

Gladys Ricart’s autopsy report

Gladys Richart was gunshot three times before falling to the ground. People called the police immediately after the incident. The police team arrived at the spot immediately, but Gladys had already died. 

Is the killer arrested?

Police started an investigation based on Gladys Ricart Video RedditShe was found lifeless in a blood pool on the living area ground. Investigators had an examination and revealed that she had been a gunshot. Fascinatingly, Augustin Garcia, the attacker, was imprisoned immediately. 

Where is the killer now?

However, many witnesses recognized Augustin Garcia as being at the killer spot. Police got the weapon and arrested the killer Augustin Garcia.

However, the judges found Garcia guilty of murder. He was punished with 30 years in prison. 

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We conclude that Gladys Ricart Video Reddit release post ended with tragedy. She was brutely killed by her Ex-boyfriend using a 38-caliber revolver. Watch Gladys Ricart Video at this link.

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Gladys Ricart Video Reddit: FAQ

Q1. Who was the bride? 

Gladys Ricart.

Q2. Who killed Gladys Ricart?

Her Ex-boyfriend.

Q3. What is his name?

Augustin Garcia

Q4. How Augustin killed Gladys?

Using 38-Calibre weapon

Q5. Is Augustin arrested?


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