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In the post, we will share the details for why the game Gta Gtaforums 6 has been in the news from the last few days and other details related to games.

Are you excited for Grand Theft Auto Series to get launched? Do you play the GTA Gtaforums? If you are not still a regular player, you still have played the game at least once in your life. So, the game has been in the news Worldwide since the last day. Players are keen to grab the genuine details. Read and know why the GTA Gtaforums 6 is in the news? Keep reading the post till last and explore unrevealed information.

Reason for GTA game in the News

The hacker leaks the Grand Theft Auto Series’s videos. These are approximately Ninety videos which are leaked by the hacker who claims that he illegally accessed one of the Rocker’s accounts with debug code and interface running. Though GTA’s upcoming series could be one of the most awaited video games, it is worthy of being anticipated, it can be noticed by the leaked video of the game. However, the data is illegally hacked by the same hacker who hacked Uber breach.

Details of Gameplay Gta 6 hacker

The game is hacked by the teapotuberhacker, the same person who claims for the massive breach in Uber. He claimed he hacked the game by accessing one of the Rockstar employee’s slack accounts. However, the leak was created with a high grade of detailing and legitimacy. They have drawn even the attention of GTA Forums member audience with either legitimacy or fake detailing. 

The hacker has leaked various clips from the game representing female and male characters that perfectly fit into the upcoming game series. Moreover, the hacker has successfully depicted the game Miami as a fictional analog city. 

More about GTA Gtaforums 6

The GTA fans were waiting for the sixth series to get launched. Still, the hacker named ”teapotuberhacker” spoiled the player’s excitement by uploading videos of the game, which showcase a glimpse of the entire game. However, some videos have half-cooked characters and even unfinished components, including the absence of texture, just like the official trailers. 

In some videos, a female protagonist character was robbing a diner, having poolside discussions, and visiting strip clubs. As per the videos, the game is taking place in Vice city, but some people claim that the videos are from an older builder game. To know more about Gameplay Gta 6 hackers, keep reading the post. 


GTA 6 series was a long-awaited game for its fans, but a hacker has leaked videos of the game somehow ruin the excitement of the players. Though these videos have offered a glimpse of the game, there is some unfinished video. To know more about the GTA Gameplay game, click here

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