Top 8 Health Insurance Plans in India 2022

Complete Information About Top 8 Health Insurance Plans in India 2022

Many people, especially youngsters, feel that they are in perfect shape and would never require hospitalization. Buying health insurance and paying regular premiums are often seen as unnecessary expenses as there are apparently better avenues to spend money. But the two most important things for man are life & health. Everything else comes later. So health insurance is an investment that returns protection and peace of mind.

Life can be full of surprises in modern times. The only certainty appears to be uncertainty. You can never be sure of what life throws up. But what you can do is be prepared to meet any eventuality. When it’s a matter of life & death, like a medical emergency, you cannot afford to take any chance. You need nothing less than the best health insurance policy to guard the most precious people in your life.

Choosing the Right Health Insurance Plan

There are a plethora of health insurance schemes in the market. It is tough to pick the right ones. This article gives you a curated list of the eight best health insurance plans to simplify your job. You can select any of these plans that provide comprehensive protection against medical emergencies.

1) Navi Health Insurance:

Navi is one of the new-age players in the competitive health insurance space. The novelty and the host of features set it apart from other players in the market. It offers some of the best health insurance schemes at reasonable premiums. All you need to do is download the Navi insurance app on your phone and sign up with your mobile number. The paperwork is zero, the documentation is minimal, and it just requires your PAN & Aadhaar cards. 

The policy is issued within 2-3 minutes. Navi has a massive 10,000+ hospital network, and the cashless claims are settled within 20 minutes. The claims settlement ratio is 97%. You can pay the premiums through easy monthly EMIs.

2) HDFC Ergo Optima Restore

HDFC Ergo General Insurance is a joint venture between India’s HDFC and Ergo International AG of Europe. The company has won numerous awards for its best practices and customer service excellence. It has settled claims of over Rs.7,500 Cr to date.

The Optima Restore plan is one of its kind health insurance policy which restores the entire sum insured immediately after the first claim to provide complete protection for the year. Policyholders also get a 50% increase in the basic sum insured for every claim-free year. You also get a complimentary health checkup worth Rs.10,000 at the time of renewal. Special family discounts can be availed if two or more family members are covered.

3) Aditya Birla Activ Assure – Diamond Plan

Aditya Birla Health Insurance is one of the leading players in the private sector and has a presence in 2800+ cities across India.

The Activ Assure Diamond Plan offers 360-degree protection and covers hospitalization, over 586 daycare procedures, and cashless claims in 10,000+ network hospitals. The policy also covers AYUSH therapies. A 10% no-claim bonus (NCB) is added for every claim-free year (up to 50% maximum). The entire family is eligible for a free annual health checkup. 

The unique feature of this health insurance plan is a worldwide emergency assistance service in case of an emergency need anywhere in the world. The policy encourages customers to adopt a healthy lifestyle by rewarding them with health returns that can be used for policy renewals.

4) Star Health – Family Health Optima

Star Health prides the distinction of being the first standalone health insurer in India. It has one of the largest networks of 13,000+ hospitals with in-house claims settlement.

The Family Health Optima covers the entire family at an affordable premium. The sum insured is restored automatically (3 times) if it is completely exhausted during the policy year. 

The scheme has added several new benefits apart from its routine inclusions. It also covers modern treatments such as deep brain stimulation, robotic surgeries, and stem cell therapy which places the plan among the best health insurance in India.

5) Care Health Insurance – Care Plus

Care (formerly Religare) is one of India’s top health insurance companies that has settled 30 lakh+ claims with a claim settlement ratio of over 95%. It has a vast network of 19,000+ hospitals to provide cashless claims to policyholders.

Care Plus is a popular mediclaim policy available in the market with no upper age limit and co-payment clauses. The policy provides wide coverage of home care, alternative therapies, air ambulance costs, and international medical opinion. There is a personal accident cover for death and permanent total disability.

6) Bajaj Allianz Health Guard

Bajaj Allianz enjoys a long track record of commendable performance in the health insurance segment. The Health Guard Plan offers comprehensive care at affordable premiums. The policy can be bought for1/2/3 years and is renewable for a lifetime. This health insurance policy also covers the expenses in a recognized ayurvedic or a homeopathic hospital.

7) Niva Bupa Health Companion

Niva Bupa Health Insurance was previously known as Max Bupa. The Health Companion is an extremely affordable plan that covers both individuals & families. It provides a cover of up to Rs.1 crore, and there is no age restriction for buying this plan. The policy offers lifetime renewability with attractive bonuses for claim-free years. Over 7 million customers have reposed their trust in Niva Bupa.

8) Digit Insurance

You can easily buy health insurance online with Digit Insurance. Over three crore Indians have chosen Digit due to its simple & seamless processes. Paper documents are neither required to purchase the policy nor for claims settlement. The policy does not carry a co-payment clause, i.e., the policyholders need not share the medical expenses out of their pockets.


Most people are keen to save tax or to cut down the premium expenses. But health insurance must be bought on the basis of your age, medical condition, family size, and other specific requirements. The sum insured must ensure comprehensive protection at the time of any medical exigency. Always remember that any insurance is not an expense but an investment!

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