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The article discusses Write for Us Home Décor and informs the candidates on what must be included in the content.

Are you interested in décor? Interiors and décor is a grand field that lets you explore the creative side and involves many nuances with which only subject matter experts will be well acquainted. Our Write for Us Home Décor opportunity is a one-of-a-kind option available for all individuals inclined towards writing or having subject knowledge of home décor.

Learn more about how a good guest blog can be created in the upcoming sections. Read more.

More about the Website

We are a global website wherein, over the years, we have garnered sufficient readership from an audience not limited to specific geography or time. Our writers are subject matter experts in their particular fields with industry experience. There are many more sections besides home décor, which are covered on our website. Each is tailored for different audiences who love exploring various facets of life and sectors. Write for Us + Home Décor guest blogging is an opportunity for writers with the knowledge, research capabilities, a keen eye for observation, and quality to explore further.

We recommend candidates read through our other popular categories, which showcase the structure. Here are a few examples, which are included below:

  • Product and website reviews are a popular section that has garnered much traction. This genre is built to guide users in understanding if the product or website is proper to be used or if it is a scam.
  • Technology-related genres include information that sheds light on recent upgrades, the future of technology, and more. It is also one of the top-ranked categories with the best readership.
  • Other genres include cryptocurrency, travel, health, education, and more.

Home Decor Write for Us – Guest Blogging Eligibility Criteria

Home Décor is a comparatively new genre that has not yet been explored exclusively. Besides, there is not much information available on the Internet too. That makes it even more exciting to research and develop exciting content.

However, to ensure that the best content makes it to the website. It is mandatory to read the pointers listed below before sending your samples for approval.

  • Graduates in interior design and home décor are eligible for guest blogging.
  • We welcome subject matter experts with little or no field experience.
  • In addition, we also welcome freshers and vloggers who also know the field and know how to put their ideas into words.
  • Having a good understanding of SEO and writing will be an added advantage.

“Write for Us” + Home Décor – Reference Topics for Guest Blogging

There is a myriad of topics related to the genre. In addition, we have also listed a few topics surrounding the category that can be used for sample articles.

  • Functional Décor For Completing Children’s Spaces
  • Incorporating Art and Creativity into the Nuances of Home Design
  • How to Add Elegance into Your Home for Luxury Living
  • Tales of Comforting Your Living Space with Textures and Patterns
  • Hacks for Decluttering Your Living Space
  • How to Bring Coastal Vibes into Home Décor
  • Adding Vintage into Your Home and Living Space
  • Mastering the Color Palette Bringing Harmony into Your Space
  • How to Create a Style Workspace for Your Office
  • Upcycling the Old Furniture into New
  • Including Budget Friendly Home Décor
  • Adding Sustainable Plant Décor With Indoor Greenery

Home Decor + “Write for Us” – Writing Guidelines for Deft Guest Blogs

Home décor requires a different type of writing style. Candidates must have a reasonable acquaintance as well as ideas related to writing. Herein we have listed a few pointers, which are enlisted below.

  • We recommend that the content to be just short. It should be between a word limit of 750 and a maximum of 1000 words.
  • It is recommended not to use AI tools to develop any content. Besides, if any article or blog is created using AI, it will not be accepted.
  • We expect users to research well before writing an article. You can utilize tools like watching videos, podcasts, vlogs, blogs, and more to learn more about the content.
  • Home Decor “Write for Us should be appropriately proofread through Grammarly to check for errors and plagiarism before submitting it as a sample.
  • The topic must be surrounding the category
  • Images should not have any copyright, and it is as per the topic
  • Moreover, the content should be in proper structure, which includes a short introduction, conclusion, and the other sections
  • The article must reflect another aspect of the topic that should be explored with the audience.

SEO Essentials

SEO is pivotal for all articles when it is ranked in the SERP. Herein, we have enlisted a few SEO basics that every candidate must know. These are:

  • Use heading tags such as H1, H2, H3 and H4
  • The sentences should not be too long and not exceed 20 words
  • The paragraphs should be between 100 to 150 words
  • Add keywords that are important for the topic
  • Meta descriptions and meta titles must include one keyword
  • The character limit is between 160 to 55 characters
  • All keywords must be as per the keyword density related to the word count.

Write for Us + Home Décor – Ways for Submitting Sample Content

All writers must go through all the mandatory guidelines and instructions, which is essential for the content. To send content for guest blogging, we request candidates share an article as a sample through email at [email protected]. The format must be in Google Docs or Word format. We do not accept PDF format as samples.

Final Conclusion

We are eager to invite guest bloggers who want to build their careers in the field of writing or experience the way of showcasing their ideas. This article encompasses all the details surrounding Write for Us Home Décor and how you are supposed to build content. Moreover, when the content has cleared the editing requirements, we will share approval mail with the selected candidates.

If you have queries surrounding the sections enlisted in this article, you can mail us  Our team will now connect with the respective candidate to clear all the queries. To learn more about Home Décor, click here

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