How Did Elvis Mother Die? Was He in Army And Participated In War? Does He Have a Twin Brother Or Do He Wear Make-up? Details On His Kids!

Latest News How Did Elvis Mother Die
How Did Elvis Mother Die? Was He in Army And Participated In War? Does He Have a Twin Brother Or Do He Wear Make-up? Details On His Kids!

Are you a fan of the famous rock and roll star, Elvis Presley? Do you know that he died years ago? Elvis’s songs have reached every corner of the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom

Currently his bio pic has been released. So here in this article, we will review recent updates about the Elvis, his family and How Did Elvis Mother Die?

The death of his mom

Gladys Presley was the mother of the famous singer Elvis Presley. Elvis credited all his success to his mother. But she died at the age of 46. In 1958, Glady became very ill, and in the same year, she left the world. 

But her cause of death astounded everyone because, initially, everyone believed that she died from a heart attack. But medical officials discovered that her liver failure was also one of the reasons for her death. Liver failure happens due to alcohol poisoning.

Did Elvis Go to the Army?

On March 24, 1958, Elvis joined the American army in Tennessee. He had a bright military career, so he was charged as a member of two battalions. And also stationed in Germany. He completed all his military training and left his military duty in 1960. He received his army discharge in the year 1964.

Elvis’s topic is trending on the internet because of the latest release of his biopic, “Elvis.” His family and fans felt emotional after seeing the film. Questions like, “Did Elvis Go to War?” arise now in the internet.

Military participation

Elvis actively pursued military training and service, but America wasn’t fighting any major wars in the 1950s. That time is meant for the global cold war. Elvis didn’t get a chance to participate in any wars. So he didn’t go to war. But he returned as a Sergeant after giving his entire heart to his country. Now let us know about his personal life. Did Elvis Have a Twin Brother?

The twins

Elvis and his twin brother were born in Mississippi on January 8, 1935. But only one baby survived. His twin brother, Jesse Garon Presley, died and was buried in the Princeville cemetery. His death shattered his mother’s joy, but the couple began showering Elvis with affection. And Elvis didn’t hide the information about his twin from the world. He used to share his twin brother’s presence.

Did Elvis wear makeup?

This question was also in the trend because in the recent release of the film “Elvis”, the actor, Butler, wore eye makeup, and the film is about the biopic of Elvis Presley. So his fans were puzzled about Elvis’s eye makeup, and Elvis’ wife Priscilla confirmed that the famous actor Tony Curtis taught him the makeup. So Elvis used eyeliner to highlight his eyes and to look more natural and attractive.

 And Elvis Presley Kids praised the entire film team for creating the beautiful biopic of their father. The American singer Lisa Marie Presley is the only daughter of the rock and roll star Elvis. She has also flourished in the music industry.


On August 16, 1977, Elvis died in his Graceland mansion. And it is expected that the cause of his death was due to heart failure. Then he was buried in his mansion. Elvis Presley Daughter and wife recently shared their heartfelt message about the Elvis biopic. Visit to learn more about.  

Do you know Elvis? Tell us about your favourite Elvis songs below.

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