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Human lives are filled with uncertainties and failures. There are large numbers of people that experience failure in their lives, of which some recover and choose a new means to start a new life while others go into depression and end their life by committing suicide.

With an increasing number of suicides and suicidal attempts Worldwide, people are concerned about the matter and want to know the number of suicides that occurred in 2021-22.

If you are also concerned and want to know How Many Suicides This Year 2022 Live Count, continue reading.   

What is Suicide All About?

Suicide is the act where people take their life, either due to failures in life or due to other reasons. There can be different underlying reasons to commit suicide, of which the common reason to commit suicide is to get rid of the sufferings and sorrows in life. 

Suicide is an appalling act that impacts the entire family, nations, and towns and leaves behind many dependants of the deceased. The suicidal act impacts people of all ages, and it is the 4th big reason for death for people between 15 and 29 years. 

Every year over 700K people commit suicide, one person per 40 seconds. You may check the number of suicides this year 2022 live online.

What Makes a Person to Commit Suicide?

As mentioned earlier, many underlying causes encourage a person to commit suicide. Suicide results from a person’s inability to deal with challenges associated with their experiences, emotions, and ideas. 

Many things influence a person’s mood and commit suicide. Some of these reasons are:

  • Abusing, prejudicing, or bullying
  • Death of loved ones 
  • Relationship breakup 
  • Divorce or marriage separation    
  • Life-changing sickness diagnosis 
  • Homelessness, aging, unemployment 
  • Money issues or financial crisis 
  • Tragic experiences in life 

How Many Suicides This Year 2022 Live Count?

Every year, more than 700 thousand commit suicide, of which the ratio of males is higher than females. The number of cases is likely to increase every year. Kiribati, South Korea, Guyana, Eswatini, and Lesotho are some nations that recorded the highest number of suicides. 

The highest percentage of suicides per 1K people is 72.4%, and it is an alarming figure.   

The number of suicides this year 2022 live counting is not available as of now, but authorities must take precautions to reduce this number and save more lives.  


With the increasing number of suicide cases Worldwide, many questions related to people’s mental health have erupted. Many NGOs and governments are helping people overcome life challenges to reduce suicidal cases. 

All suicide cases are registered on the portals to check How Many Suicides This Year 2022 Live Count. To stay updated, you may check the number to know how many people committed suicide last year.

Do you have any details about the exact figure of suicidal cases in 2021? Then, please share it in the comment section.  

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