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The guide shares details to help readers know How Much Did Dark Shark Make on Jackass.

Do you love watching the reality comedy film Jackass Forever? The film has many untouched footages, compiled and titled Jackass 4.5, to be released on Netflix on 20th May 2022.

It has a long list of crewmembers, cast, and guest appearances, of which Dark Shark or Jasper Dolphin is trending, and his worldwide fans want to know the income made from the film. 

He is the character who appeared in the film as a rapper, and the streamers want to know How Much Did Dark Shark Make on Jackass.

How Much Did He Make From Jackass?

After evaluating, we found that Dark Shark’s net worth is $400 thousand and the prime source of income is comedy. He is a successful comedian with a huge worldwide fan following. He is from the United States and is better known as Jasper Dolphin. He is seen performing on TV and has become an internet sensation. 

However, the primary income source of the artist is from comedy series and films. He is a performing artist with a net worth of $400 thousand. However, it is not clear how much he made from the new release, Jackass Forever.

About Dark Shark Rapper!

Dark Shark is a voice actor, stunt performer, former rapper, and comedian born on 28th Sept 1990 as Davon Lamar Wilson, known by his stage name, Jasper Dolphin. He is also the establishing member of American Hip-Hop culture and ventured into an acting career as a comedian. He is a successful American comedian featured in many series and films, including Jackass and Jackass Forever, released in 2022.

The rapper is trending because he is recently added to the comedian film Jackass Forever and he is the new member of Jackass. As he is trending amongst the streamers, everyone is looking for the income that Dark Shark Rapper made from Jackass film.      

Unfortunately, it is not disclosed how much money he made from the film, but his net worth as of 2022 is $400 thousand. The actor does not yet reveal the money he made, particularly from the film.

What are the Achievements of Dark Shark?

As a successful actor and comedian, Dark Shark got the opportunity to work with some renowned personalities and celebs from Hollywood, including Tyle and Johnny Knoxville. He is also the founding member of Odd Future, the American hip hop collective, and worked in Jasper and Errol’s. Unfortunately, it is unknown How Much Did Dark Shark Make on Jackass.

Despite his hard work in the industry as an actor and comedian, he failed to secure any prestigious awards. But he is still working harder to get the much-awaited awards he deserves with his acting and performances in films and series.  


Jasper Dolphin or Dark Shark is the newly added character in the famous comedian reality film Jackass Forever. His fans are eagerly waiting to see the new performances of Dark Shark in the film.

He is known for his best performance in a comedy. With so many achievements in his career, people want to know How Much Did Dark Shark Make on Jackass. However, it is not clear what fee he charged for the film, but the actor’s net worth is $400 thousand. 

Do you know the fees of Dark Shark in Jackass Forever? Please share it in the comment section.

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