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How To Analyze The Authenticity Of The Product ? : Know! >> This post will help you in evaluating the authenticity of the items that you buy from online sources.

The internet is the sea of information, knowledge and convenience where you will find everything with just one click. The things, information, and convenience you will get from there are not always 100% true. 

Today, in this article, we will tell you about How To Analyze The Authenticity Of The Product? Yes, these days, online shopping is the most convenient way to get something as it allows you to shop from anywhere. Moreover, due to this reason, every day thousands of online stores established Worldwide.

Similarly, all the e-stores you will find on the internet are not entirely reliable and neither the products you will get from the online sites is blindly trustable. However, in the scamming world, scammers create fraud sites and upload copied data on the Website to achieve their fraud intentions. 

Please read below to find out the ways to verify the authenticity of the products. 

What Things should You Keep in Mind while Ordering Online?

There are many pointers that you should keep track of while placing your order for any product. Kindly consider the below-mentioned list to verify the item’s authenticity.

  • Website selection: Whenever you shop from the online method, you should know everything about the seller’s Website. Don’t ever shop from any random site that you are not familiar with. While selecting any site as your shopping destination, please check its reliability like its social media, feedback and domain age etc. 
  • Similar items: If the product is too common, then order it from its official store instead of buying it from any random store.
  • Mismatched information: If the same brand product is available on multiple sites, then always compare its specifications, images and prices with one another to ensure its authenticity.
  • Product Credentials: Before taking any call to action, please always ensure product identification like specifications, images, customer reviews, logo, and prices. 

We hope that you will find the information mentioned above useful. If you still have any queries, please read further in this article. 

How To Analyze The Authenticity Of The Product?

These days, there are many fraud sites’ presence on the internet, and it becomes difficult to differentiate between a scam and a real. No worries! We are here with some tricks that will help you in avoiding the scam. Let’s get started. 

We have mentioned some parameters that will help you get rid of scams. Please read below to know more:

  • Unrealistic prices and offers– If you are shopping from the online store and providing massive discounts like 60%-80% flat off on the MRP, it is unrealistic as this is only to grab customer’s attention. If you still stick to it, then you are buying a counterfeit item. 
  • Spelling Errors– We can easily distinguish fake products through the way they spell. For instance, Calvin Klein will be written as Calvin Kline. The company can’t afford these mistakes. However, such mistakes in brand name confuse the buyer who are not familiar with the real brand. Therefore, please read carefully before making the final purchase.
  • Copied Logo and Flawed Fonts– The fraud items contain flawed logs that the user can easily detect if he/she is aware of the brand, logo, and font format. Otherwise, you can’t detect the minor change in logo design.
  • Product Availability– if the same product is available on the reliable e-portal like Amazon,
    If you want to know how to build a website like Amazon, read this article. then you can trust it. But, make sure the product must contain the same specifications, name and image. 
  • Social media existence – Item must have a social media presence. Every authentic brand has its own official social media pages on different networks like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, etc. 
  • Online Feedback Pages – The product most holds reviews on trustworthy feedback portals like the Trustpilot and legit ecommerce portals.
  • Customer Remarks– The essential point that helps you find out the authenticity of the item is the customer reviews. If the item holds positive to mixed feedback on multiple platforms, you can evaluate its authenticity accordingly. In contrast, if it has gained comparatively more negative remarks, then the product is not trustworthy.

Some More Parameters of Seller’s Website: Defined and Explained 

  • Official Website URL – In online shopping, you can easily catch fraud if you act attentively. You should always check the URL of the Website; if the site has a secured HTTPS connection, then your information is safe, but though not a guarantee as there are other parameters also.
  • Official Site’s Domain – Always keep in check the less popular store’s domain creation date as it gives you the proper estimation of its reliability. Moreover, if the site’s domain name is less than six months, then do not instantly shop from it. 
  • Official Website’s Trust Index– if the Website’s trust index comes out below 50%, you should avoid shopping from that particular site. 
  • Contact information – If the official Website does not hold any contact details on it, it is problematic. The physical address, email address and contact number is relevant because it helps you in your after-sale services. Suppose such details are not available then shopping for items from this store is avoidable. One important tip always verify the mail address and contact number of the Website before finalizing your order. 

Wrapping It All

In the above paragraphs, we have mentioned all the relevant information that one should consider while judging the items’ authenticity. You can also evaluate the validity of the item with other’s experiences, like you can consider the feedback pages, available customer’s comments on the post and video reviews etc.  

Suppose you still do not satisfied with all these pointers. In that case, you can directly ask people on social media about their experiences regarding the particular item that you want to buy. With the other’s experiences, you can easily get an idea of whether you should order it or not. 

Do you want to add anything in this How To Analyze The Authenticity Of The Product? Please share your feedback in the comments. 

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