How To Get The Time Cube In Raise A Floppa {April} Read!

Interested to know the Raise a Floppa Game? Read the article How To Get The Time Cube In Raise A Floppa. 

Do you want to know what it is Roblox, or do you want to know about the game which is related to Roblox? We will be discussing a game related to Roblox. The name of the Game is Roblox’s Raise a Floppa Game. Have you heard about this Game?

This game is famous in many parts of the world, including the United States and Canada. So, let’s know what is special in this article. So, let’s begin our article How To Get The Time Cube In Raise A Floppa.

How to get the Time Cube

  • You can get the Time Cube with the help of the backrooms. What you need to do is that you have to escape very carefully without dying, and then you can acquire the time cube, which will help you survive.
  • You can also get the time cube with the help of OG Floppa. For this, you need to climb the OG Floppa, which is not an easy task, and then you need to win from OG Floppa’s Obby, and then you can get the time cube.

So, let’s discuss more that Raise A Floppa How To Get Time Cube.

What is Raise a Floppa Game?

The raise a Floppa Game has become popular in only a few days, and the number of players in the Game is increasing each day. According to the calculations, there are 71,000 Raise Floppa Game players. 

This week the players were not very happy as the Game Raise a Floppa was deleted, but now, as it has come back with new updates, the players are very eager to play the game as soon as possible. In the Game, there is a new update in which if you want the mysterious hub and time machine, you have first to gain the time cube.

How To Get The Time Cube In Raise A Floppa – Why is it Trending

The raise a Floppa Game is being trended on the internet because it was famous before only, and then the Game Raise a Floppa was deleted. Now, when it has returned with new updates, it has grabbed the attention of many more people and has become more popular. 

Raise a Floppa Game was created by Floppa#1 of Roblox. The new updates of Raise a Floppa Game have made it more interesting; the time cube, mysterious hub, and time machine in Raise a Floppa Game have the power to help you to get outside. How To Go Outside In Raise A Floppa? So, the answer to this question is with the help of the time cube.


Raise a Floppa Game has the hearts of many people, but incidentally, the Game Raise a Floppa was deleted, but now luckily, as it has returned, it has again gained many players with it. If you are a big fan of Roblox, you must also play this Game for once as it is a very interesting game and has become more interesting after adding the new updates to it.

You can play the Game using this link.

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