Hurdle April Fools (April 2022) Detailed Updates Here!

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This news provides a technical insight towards the best prank conducted in 2022 by Hurdle April Fools.

Were you also scared of the unlimited version not working yesterday? Do you want to look for the answer in today’s Wordle puzzle? If yes, below for more information.

Users are inspired to play the game on a Worldwide level. On the 1st of April, they were sure to eat about the not working of unlimited version and redirecting to different pages. Although, many users were affected by such unplugged acts. Revealing the time of truth, the official website claims to be a trick.

Read below the news for learning more about the details and Hurdle April Fools!

Hurdle Update in April

Like Wordle, Hurdle is an online gaming application that provides different categories of people. After the application was taken over by New York Times, the update in April 2022 was identified. Users are trying to solve the remastered version of different letter puzzles.

Features that the players in the system have overachieved. This application seems the best for all age groups to improve knowledge related to different games such as NBA basketball, football, cricket, and famous personalities.

Read below more about the joke done by the official page as Hurdle April Fools.

What was the Prank?

Decided by the officials, on the night of the 31st of March, the news about the dysfunctioning of the Hurdle was reported. Many users involved with the staffing strategy also commented about the substitute and alternative application attached with the unlimited version.

The next day on the 1st of April, as decided, more than 20 million users were surprised as there were no rewards and early redemptions in any account. Many of the players who surprised and left the game. However, on the 2nd of April, the announcement on Twitter about Hurdle April Fools secured the backup of rewards and puzzles in the unlimited version.

Answer for today’s puzzle

As announced by the official website, the answer to today’s puzzle can be disclosed below. Below is the answer for the 2nd of April 2022, 148th puzzle. The answer is HEADED.

Who reported Prank first?

On the 1st of April 2022, the Canadian press announced the seven best pranks. However, the Wordle application online gaming first pranks the users on a whole different level and shocks them with zero rewards in the account.

Why is Hurdle April Fools trending

More than 20 million players worldwide were affected by such a single trick. Altho used in the best 15 pranks in 2022, it has brought 20000 more players into the game on the 2nd of April. In addition, the graphics and new inclusions of categories have made it more trending and fun.


In conclusion, this news gives complete detail about the wrong diversion of the unlimited Hurdle version on the 1st of April. Based on the judgment, users who left the website can claim the rewards back   and join as a continuous event.

Come in below today’s answer for the 146th puzzle.

Were you also wondering that Hurdle was hacked instead of Hurdle April Fools?

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