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Scroll down the below write-up that contains basics and factual information about Hurdle Game Wordle Music Play.

Nowadays, the internet is jammed with several new types of games. Everybody wants to have something in their hand to lighten their mood. Are you also a lover of games? Have you noticed? Social media is bulging with new games every day?

Do you have a sound knowledge of the Wordle game? Is puzzle your game type? Wordle has launched many games after the success. Likewise, in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia, people are craving different games by Wordle. 

Now, let’s explore and experience the joy of Hurdle Game Wordle Music Play

How to play Hurdle Game Wordle Music? 

Follow the steps mentioned below to ensure that how to play this game online- 

  • The players are guided to click on the play option and listen to the provided music.
  • The player can listen to the song as much as they want. Due to the hearing, multiple times feature.
  • The duration of the song is only 16 seconds. After which, the players are supposed to guess the song correctly. 
  • If in the 1st instance, players fail to guess the song correctly in the game of the Hurdle Game Wordle Music Play, then they have multiple chances to move further and guess it again and again. 
  • The best scoring players get the correct songs in the minimum possible time. 

Rules for the Game 

The specialty of the Wordle game is that every player gets a single challenge per day. Players will get the song that is chosen from the SoundCloud link. Six boxes are present at the player’s screen where they have to enter the song name guessed by them after listening to it. 

This feature of the hint section of the Hurdle Game Wordle Music Play is audible, and one can easily hear them guess the song. This audio hint can be skipped as well. 

What is the cheating tool of Hurdles? 

Shazam can be your saviour when guessing the song for the last time. When you come to guess the song for the last time, use the feature Shazam. 

Shazam can guess the songs, and it can guess almost every song correctly. So best of luck with the Shazam feature. 

As many players are still confused with the details of the game. So, let us inform you of this game’s details in brief. 

Platform Hurdle Game Wordle Music Play

The hurdle is a game that has an online platform. This game can be played by installing the hurdle app, and this app can be played on any device, which is brilliant. Mainly on computers, tablets, smartphones, etc. 

The hurdle app is not a regular app. It cannot be downloaded from any regular installation apps. But the game’s website has its domain, and it can be played regularly on the website. 

It is an entirely web-based game that is free for everyone who desires to play it. 


Wrapping up the article about Hurdle Game Wordle Music Play, we have discovered that it is a game loved and played as the best time pass almost all over the world. Players fond of English songs may enjoy the game and the ones who want to learn English songs also. 

Furthermore, click here to know details about Wordle score. Let us know your favorite song by commenting below.  

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