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This article was designed to give you comprehensive information on Iamhellmaster Com Countdown. Kindly read the article.

What is Iamhellmaster Com Countdown? Iamhellmaster Com is a website which was recently launched. It runs Worldwide.  It is related to the fourth season of Stranger things. This website is copying another website with a different URL and the same name. Stay tuned and read about Iamhellmaster Com Countdown to know more about it. It is taking advantage of the series of Stranger Things. To know more about it, read down below.

Why is this website trending? 

As we know, the website has gained a lot of popularity in less time because Netflix is releasing the fourth season of Stranger Things. When Netflix released the Stranger Things trailer on 12th April 2022, which has a duration of three minutes and sixteen seconds, they discovered that it might not be secure because of the website Iamhellmaster Com. It is a one-page website that ended on 29th April when the fourth season was officially released.

Details about Iamhellmaster Countdown

 Go through Iamhellmaster.Com  to get better information about the website. This is a scam website that is directly related to the fourth season of Stranger things. Iamhellmaster is nothing, but it is a website that sells services and products. Iamhellmaster has gained a lot of attention and followers through Netflix. It has become popular. It is known to be the one-page website that was supposed to be ended on 29th April 2022 when Netflix released the fourth season of Stranger things, but we know that this is a scam website; hence it is not supposed to be trusted, though it has received a business rating of 42.9%. Let us know more about it below.

Is Iamhellmaster Com Countdown Legit

As we have already discussed, Iamhellmaster Com is a scam website. It is a copy of another website. Decent information about it wasn’t found. Let us discuss its legitimacy below.

  • Trust Score: It has been given a very bad trust score of 1%, which makes us believe it shouldn’t be trusted.
  • Registration date: As per the research, Iamhellmaster was launched on 21st April 2022. 
  • Reviews: There were only negative reviews found on the websites. 
  • Social Media Handles: It is nowhere to be found on any social media sites as per our research on Iamhellmaster Com Countdown.


As we have read about the article above, even though it has gained a lot of popularity because of Netflix but we have concluded that the life expectancy of the website is very short, and there was no information available about the customer policies and the owner of the website and the trust score found is very poor it has received a 1% trust score which is very disturbing. Therefore it has a short life rate, so it cannot be recommended. The website received a very low rank, as found in Iamhellmaster Com Countdown. Please visit this link to know about Stranger Things

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