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We put the information about this fiction drama series in the content. So, you can consider it before watching Inventing Anna Real Life Characters drama series.

Hello readers, we are sharing exciting news related to a drama series with you in the discussed matter. This series has recently been launched in many countries. The United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia are curious to watch this drama series.

In the topic Inventing Anna Real Life Characters, we will study all the essential info of this series and its characters that will solve the query of our readers. So, stay with our content and continue to read the following sections.

Detail on Inventing Anna-

It is an American play that will be streaming on television as a miniseries. It was formed and generated by Shonda Rhimes. It is related to news that has been published in the New York magazine article, How Anna Delvey Tricked New York’s Party People, written by Jessica Pressler.

The series Inventing Anna Real Life Characters was released on 11th February 2022. Julia Garner, a well-known American actress, played the lead role in the series.

What is the story of Inventing Anna?

A true event inspires the series. The series is based on a fraud done by trendsetter Anna Sorokin. In actuality, she is known as Anna Delvey. Based on real events, this show tracks quick-witted journalist Vivian name of the show journalist that real-life journalist Jessica Pressler inspires. Jessica Pressler was the actual person who worked on this assignment related to revealing Anna Sorokin’s details, a cheater. She collects all the info for the New York Magzine.

Who is the Inventing Anna Real Life Characters?

The true story of Anna Delvey inspires the series, and her real name is Anna Sorokin. But unfortunately, the forged billionaire German inheritress who created New York’s richest trendsetters has faith in a lie, swindling more than $200,000 along the way.

After exposing her fraud, she was caught and appeared in court in 2019. At the end of her trial, Sorokin was found guilty by a jury of four grand larceny counts and four thefts of services.

And sent to jail between four and twelve years. In the drama series Inventing Anna Real Life Characters, all the steps explained beautifully how all this happened.

When she was found guilty arrested in 2017 due to her good behavior, she was released in February 2021. However, she was again imprisoned by immigration officers after a few months later. Currently, she is in prison and waiting for her deportation back to Germany.

According to the report, she claimed she is an heir of the richest person, but her father is a former trucker who does heating and cooling business.


Inventing Anna Real Life Characters is inspired by a true event that has been discussed in several countries; if you want more detail, visit here Investing Anna and get all the details of its characters and storyline.

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