Is Axo2moon Legit (Nov 2021) Get Deep Insight Now!

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Is Axo2moon Legit (Nov 2021) Get Deep Insight Now! >> Find out the legitimacy of a virtual platform that claims to provide an opportunity of earning to everyone worldwide. Read what it claims to offer here.

Don’t you have vast knowledge about Cryptocurrency? Many of us don’t know much about the Crypto world, but a newly published token is claiming that people who don’t have much knowledge about Crypto’s functionaries can also trade this coin.

But, the question is, do you think the virtual transaction is safe and secure? Well, for your knowledge, we must say that online trading is safe at all until you are checking that platform or virtual coin’s legitimacy and user experience.

Is Axo2moon Legit? People of Iran, Pakistan and Nigeria have raised this question. Let’s check this matter. 

What is AXO2MOON?

It is a virtual platform that can be accessed from India, the Philippines, Ukraine, Indonesia and other major countries; it claims to provide an earning platform, where people can obtain 1 USD every 15 minutes after 1 click claim. Anyone can access and trade easily with the ‘Pancake swap’ via this portal which will be resumed on 15th June 2021.

According to data, more than 6 Lacs players are there, and the amount that has been paid is 145203$. However, the main question is, ‘Is Axo2moon Scam?’ Let us dig out more-

Few important facts of this platform:

  • The portal has been meant for investing purposes. All you have to do log in or create your account by using the ‘Binance Bep20’ address. Moreover, you can invest and trade in Cryptocurrency.
  • There is premium access that you can use.
  • As per the report available on the internet, it will be going to open on ‘Pancake Swap.’
  • Here also, you can obtain referrals only after logging-in to your account. You can receive 30 percent of each claim the referrals received.
  • The withdrawal process isn’t instant; it takes one day.   

Is Axo2moon Legit?

On the leading remarks platforms like Trustpilot, it received mixed reviews from Turkey, Bangladesh, and Brazil; out of them, 37% people indicate this token as very poor.  They have mentioned that the site is a scam, as they didn’t receive the withdrawal amount.

One of them has raised a question regarding the withdrawal time, as he reached 500 USD, but he didn’t yet withdraw it. One has mentioned that he reached 200 USD to withdrawal the application changed the minimum withdrawal to 500 USD. When he reached 493 USD, his account has been closed.

There is a discussion on Reddit; one man has posted the general overview with brief functionary details of this platform. However, Is Axo2moon Scam? Well, it has the trust index that is not at all satisfactory; the index score is 1 percent. Plus, the mixed comments and majority of users openly mentioned that it is a scam.

Final Conclusion:

According to users’ experiences, the platform possesses suspicious and misleading information. Moreover, after reaching the withdrawal target, people couldn’t redeem their money. Though there are some positive opinions, we can’t avoid that 37% of people’s harassment. Even the platform didn’t reply to their queries. To get detailed reviews, you can read the whole discussion from here– 

What is your thinking- Is Axo2moon Legit? Do you want to get protected from online fraud? Read here to know How to protect yourself from a scam. 

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