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Gaming tips Is Cowly a Word
The post, Is Cowly a Word, will inform our readers about the game, its rules and how it can be played. 

Are you aware of the game Wordle? Wordle, as its name suggests, is a game by Josh Wardle. He was a software developer at Welsh. He introduced the world to a website-based game which was then adapted by the New York Times. As a result, Wordle has received sweeping responses in countries like the United States, Canada,  United Kingdom, New Zealand,  Australia.

You can know more about today’s Wordle through Is Cowly a Word and get your answer. 

Is Cowly the correct answer? 

Wordle is a very known game that allows the player to have a more substantial vocabulary. The player has to guess a five-letter word when given six chances. It is a must-try game, and you can even learn a new word out of this game. There is even a complex game mode if you find the puzzles too easy. 

The word cowly has been guessed a lot for today’s Wordle. But is that the correct answer? Turns out there is no such word as cowly in the Wordle as there is no Cowly Definition. 

Thus, the correct answer for today’s Wordle is Coyly. 

Many people lost their guesses on Cowly. Although no such word exists, it was established many times on the site. It was difficult for people to decipher the hints, understand the rules and give the correct answer. They misplaced many letters and misunderstood the placement of those letters. 

Please read further to learn about the hints and how one can get the answer. 

Hints for the Wordle

For every Wordle showcased, there are hints which need to be given to the audiences. Cowly Wordle has not been easy for the players, who often lose all their guesses. Can you give the correct answer to the Wordle? To know about the clues given for today’s Wordle, please read below.

The hints are as follows- 

  • The word starts with C and ends with a Y. 
  • Only one vowel is there in today’s Wordle
  • The word means to behave in a shy manner 
  • This is a double-letter word with non-consecutive letters. 

Thus, the correct answer using all these clues and understanding the rules  would be COYLY. 

Cowly Wordle

As observed above, many people guessed the word wrong by choosing “cowly”. This might not happen if people are aware of the game’s rules. To know more about the rules of the game, please read below- 

  • There are six chances to guess the right word. 
  • For every word entered, it should be a part of the word list 
  • If the word is correct, it will be green 
  • If the word is correct but the placing is wrong, it will be yellow
  • If the word is wrong, it will be grey. 
  • There are many letters to be used. 
  • The plural form of the word is never an answer. 


In conclusion, Is Cowly a Word provides all information about what it is, how it is used and the clues about today’s Wordle. To know more about it, please check this link

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