Is Real {Nov 2022} Is This Website Authentic? Real online website reviwes
The page answers queries about Is Real while also educating readers about the reliability of the website.

Have you ever purchased a lottery ticket? Did you ever have the opportunity to win money in the lottery?

If you’re searching for a website where you may try your luck at winning the lottery playing games, we’ve offered information about one. Numerous individuals from the United States are eager to win a large sum of cash, and a few claims to have already acquired a fortune in the lottery. The Is Real article contains all the details about the website.


The lottery system which the website provides to its users is what has drawn interest to it. People have been using the service for a long time, and many have left encouraging comments and stated they had received the lotto. All these Reviews claims that the site is real.

The website will use a mechanism based on player fortune to choose the lucky winners. You may also buy lottery tickets online and play the game by choosing your lucky numbers or using the Quick Pick good random number generator.

Is a Scam or genuine?

  • Registrar: NOM-IQ Ltd dba Com Laude
  • Website registration: This website was registered on 08/16/1994, which means it is more than 25 years old
  • Trust Index: As per a reputed website, the trust index is 76% which is average
  • Missing information: The owner information is not available, although address and Email details are provided 
  • Data Security: The website seems secure since HTTPS protocol is detected

Features of

As per the, it makes easier for people to participate in state lotteries in the US. The website claims to be working to modernize the lottery and improve its appeal to the general population. And claims that Is Real since it contributes significantly to charitable works by helping finance state-run initiatives in education, recreation, emergency personnel, senior healthcare, and other crucial welfare programs.

They assure convenience to the players and security of payment information.

Reviews of Lotto

Some consumers have left nice reviews proclaiming wins, but most of the time the lottery has just duped individuals, and we can never be sure whether these reviews are genuine or not.

The lottery is believed to be a hoax by many, but the winners asserted it to be authentic. So if one asks Is Real we need to remember that lotteries operate in this manner, and you may become discouraged if you lose. Users are urged to think about, use caution and consider hard before investing in this game.


Lotteries can be seen as a game of chance. This is also stated on the webpage. As we mentioned in the article, the article will help you assess if you want to use it or not. To read more about, please check this link 

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