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Read about the current situation under which former Soviet Union members consider joining NATO. Know about Is Moldova in the NATO?

Initially, Moldova was in the Principality of Moldavia. Moldova is located between Romania and Ukraine. People Worldwide are worried that Russia will not stop after gaining control over Ukraine. Russia is trying to occupy countries that were once part of the Soviet Union and explicitly targeting countries that want to join the EU and NATO.

Let us check announcements made by the prime minister of Moldova about Is Moldova in the NATO?

About Moldova:

Moldova is well known for its vineyards in Nistreana. Nirvana is known for its Codru and reds. It also has the world’s largest storage spaces. Most of the territory of Moldova consists of rocky hills. Its capital, Chișinău, reflects ancient Soviet architecture. 

The National Museum of History showcases a collection of arts reflecting cultural links with Romania. Moldova is spread in a 33,843.5 km2 area, approximately half the size of New Brunswick.

Current Geopolitical influence:

Ukraine is not a part of NATO until now. Due to this, NATO is unable to take necessary actions. Further, we will discuss Is Moldova in NATO? NATO can only provide limited support with the help of western military forces.

Before the war between Russia and Ukraine, the government of Russia had spoken to the French president and NATO officials. President Putin did not want Ukraine to join NATO and warned that military action would be taken. However, NATO declined demands made by Russia.

Above were a few significant events that resulted in war. With this, other countries like Moldova, which was part of the Soviet Union, believed that Russia could take military action against them too. But, Natalia Gavrilița, PM of Moldova, considers war with Russia as a hypothesis.

History to ascertain Is Moldova in the NATO?

  • Many territories of Moldova were part of Moldova Principality of Moldavia from 1346 AD. 
  • For more than a century, between 1812 till 1917, Moldova was part of the Russian empire – Bessarabia Governorate. 
  • On 15th December 1917, Moldavian Democratic Republic was formed by Sfatul Țării, who was elected in 1917 and supported the disintegration of the Russian empire. 
  • Moldova united with Romania on 9th April 1918. 
  • In 1924 The Moldavian Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic was formed, and it became a part of the Soviet Union between 1940 till 1991. 
  • After independence from the Soviet Union, Moldova joined the United Nations in 1992. 
  • It is not a NATO member and answered Is Moldova in the NATO?
  • Moldova enacted its constitution in 1994, and the parliament of Moldova came into existence. 

Conclusion on NATO membership:

Natalia Gavrilița said that they are eager to join the EU and NATO. There are talks within the EU about making Moldova a member country, and there is modest support from the public on joining NATO. NATO announced more support to former Soviet Union countries. However, a formal invitation from the EU and NATO is awaited.

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