Is Reatdeaf Scam (Nov) Let Us Read The Review Here!

Reatdeaf Online Website Reviews

Is Reatdeaf Scam (Nov) Let Us Read The Review Here! >> Are you practicing and required a diagnosis toolset in your profession? This article undoubtedly helps you out to make a wise decision.

Are you a doctor by profession and searching ideal testing tool kit or a diagnostic set? It would help if you visited once Is Reatdeaf Scam.

Nowadays, every doctor wants to carry all equipment kits in their bag to diagnose the patient’s problem soundly. As we are seeing, every next person is suffering from the disease.

Reatdeaf is an online e-shopping site for all the doctors in the United States serving their diagnosis requirement tool kit set facilities to ENT doctors. It is offering a perfect tool kit that containing fiber optic material-based tools.

If you want to know more about the website, you must read our article till the end and check all the specifications.

Is Reatdeaf Scam or Legit?

Reatdeaf is holding the testing tool kits of fiber optic for the United States doctors. For safe purchasing, let us have an eye on the following precious points:

  • Trust measurements: Only 1%, considered too low on the scale.
  • Website age: This website was launched on 04/03/2021, just thirteen days back.
  • Unseen social connectivity level: Almost zero as there is no active page on the social networking podium.
  • Client’s mindset: Shopper’s negative feedback received on various reviewing portals.
  • Righteousness: Reatdeaf is a shopping portal having only single products in different colors, and it looks highly suspicious because of all the above details.
  • Contact information: it has given all communication details on the website, but all information misguides us.

What is Reatdeaf?

Generally, users have to look at Is Reatdeaf Scam or Legit? But firstly, we must know what Reatdeaf is?

It is a selling site that contains an ideal diagnosis toolset in fiber optic material. The website is currently selling minimal products. The tool kit has three items like ophthalmoscope, auriscope, and ear mirror ant that are available in different color packets. This portal has few hidden pages that hold unrelated items.

Framing about Reatdeaf

  • Reatdeaf is the store that providing diagnostic equipment kit.
  • If you want to purchase, go through this URL This URL is the main feature to understand that Is Reatdeaf Scam or true?
  • The contact number shared on the website, i.e., 8622931126.
  • The email support has shared on the portal, i.e., [email protected].
  • The payment mode is available, i.e., PayPal.
  • It has taken seven to fifteen business days as a shipping period.
  • It has shared on the website company address, i.e., 6494 NW Illinois 62526, 43 courts, Decatur, US.
  • It has to provide a return policy within two days of delivery, but the refund will not credit your account for credit in-store credit card.
  • It has offered an exchange with few terms and conditions.
  • It is using USPS as a delivery pattern.

Positive Aspects of Reatdeaf

  • Reatdeaf Reviews found on many other reviewing sites.
  • The website is offering exchange and return policies for its customers.
  • You can communicate with the website team by using a shared email address and phone no.
  • The website is providing customer care service 24×7.

Drawbacks of Reatdeaf

  • The company address shared is not available on google map.
  • It has established on 4th March 2021, which means a new site in the selling stage.
  • It is very less trustworthy, only 1%.
  • It has no popularity in the market as no connectivity on social media.
  • It holds only a single product at high prices without mentioning shipping charges before the payment process.

To consider significant drawbacks. For, Is Reatdeaf Scam or Legit? 

What are the Customers’ Reviews?

Reatdeaf selling portal serving an only diagnosis toolset in different color option, all products are in the same price that is $38.75.

We caught feedback from the user’s side as they quoted that the company address is fake, and it is of Real estate business address. The phone number is not legit. Paypal is only the option of payment, and there are hidden pages on the website.

As we know, user’s responses are vital for us, so we can use the above details to know that, Is Reatdeaf Scam or not?


Reatdeaf are having an equipment kit for doctors to check their patients properly. It is providing its products in different colors but in the same range.

To conclude post, we reached on the internet and touch few lines that the website has launched on 4th March 2021, only single item selling, hidden pages available, customer’s negative reviews found, minimal trust score, absence on social networking, and no publicity. 

But it is too new on the internet, but considering the negative reviews over the network and shallow trust score; Is Reatdeaf Scam or Legit?, we found that it is a highly suspicious website.

Do you buy an optic fiber kit set from Reatdeaf? Please share your views with us in the comments box.

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